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    Hi i own a ford transit 94. i want to put a double bed in the back but want it to be in two parts, so it can turn into a seat facing into the van. the messurements are 120cm (or two peices of 60cm joined by hinges). Can you give me any suggetions of what to use to hold the seat in place (and can easily be turned into bed at night or when driving). Thanks

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  1. Converting a transit

    we are doing a conversion project on a transit and there are loads of pics etc of our bed bases that may help. Ours is a real budget job so no expensive rock and roll VW beds, but we think it works.

    Check our site


  2. Hi Kath
    I would image the

    Hi Kath

    I would image the laws about seatbelts are quite defined, if you intend to car people. However, if the seatbelt is for a pet the rules might be different. I think you should contact the DVLA for clarification. Your local office is probably the best place to contact.

    I have only ever seen seatbelts mounted to metal framed seats, and never to anything made from wood. This might be a requirement, ask the DVLA.

    1. Hi, Darren,one reason i came
      Hi, Darren,one reason i came into this forum was when i looked on here at the layouts and ideas section i saw seating very similar to mine in wood and the comment said “with similar design seatbelts could be fitted” but i think u are right DVLA is the place to go as i have found nothing on their web site, anyway many thanks for reply.

  3. transit conversion
    HI,we are converting a swb transit semi hi top panel van, i am putting in a diy bench seat at front of van for seating and sleeping, as the seat by sliding door faces forward is it possible to put a seatbelt in for this seat?not for child i might add but for dog as i have no room for a crate,all answers greatly appreciated. thanks

  4. Hi happykiwi
    a. The only

    Hi happykiwi

    a. The only problem regarding an unofficial camper conversion in insurance. As long as you have van insurance you should no problems.
    b. I never had this problem, and my Sprinter just looked like a van from the outside. In Europe campsites tend not too care.
    3. Explore, be careful of where you park, and enjoy

  5. ford transit
    We are planning a europe trip this summer but I have no idea what is regulation over there, can anyone help with the following questions?
    I have a short wheel base ford transit and we have put in a flase floor so that we have storage underneath and can sleep on top. Our transit has no windows in the back.

    a) will we stroke any problems by officials driving this sort of van?
    b) will campsites turn us away seeing as it is a self made basic conversion (as we were turned away in scotland by some places0
    c) any other advice about camping in europe

    Thanks heaps

  6. Hi Kate.  Do you want the

    Hi Kate.  Do you want the seat to face away from the cab into the van?  If so how about a VW camper style seat that folds away.  Something like this seat. but facing the other way in the van.

    Maybe the examples on this page can help.

    1. Camper Van Bed.
      Hi Kate, consider the “rock & roll” bed facing from the back end. Easy to make (or buy) folds into a seat & gives more room. I made mine using (imperial) 3 sheets of 5 ply wood 5’5″ x 18″. All hinged together & to a simple frame for it to rest on. You can fill in the frame with a fall down door for extra storage….Cheers.