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    Leonard Hatred

    I have been told that converting a minibus to a camper is legally/officially more complicated than a normal van,DVLA- wise.

    Can anyone offer any information as to how to go about it?

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  1. I have a converted police
    I have a converted police minibus that i have re registered for tax. I had to go to a dvla office to get the documnets changed as it was listed as a specially fitted vehicle, i.e it was a police vehicle. This was nothing to do with it being a minibus this applies to any police vehicle.
    As for converting a minibus there are no special rules although my insurance which is a self build motorhome policy were very insistant that i did not ever drive it with more than 6 seats in it as i would not be covered. Unless you have a specific minibus insurance you will probably find you won’t be covered by your insurance if you use it with more than 6 seats.
    There is another post with regards to dvla requirments for conversions to campers from vans, this will also apply to minibus’s.
    One other thing i came across when i re-registered was that at that point i had not done my conversion so i could not register it as a camper but rather as a private HGV due to it’s vehicle weight and the twin rear axle. I have yet to re-register it as a camper as i am still working on the conversion.


  2. Not sure
    Hi Leonard

    I don’t think a mini-bus is more difficult to re-register than a van. In fact DVLA are essentially looking for windows in a converted vehicle, which a mini-bus has many of. So a mini-bus might actually help.

    I hope these guidelines help: