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    Hi all im new to this site so a big hello to all,im converting my 400 convoy into a camper i was hoping someone has done one as im looking for layout examples pics ect can anyone please help??
    Many thanks Ian

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  1. LDV 400 UGV
    I have got a LDV 400 UGV professionally converted to a Motorhome 21 ft long looking to sell as I need something bigger

  2. ldv convertion
    i would try and buy a ldv van that already has a convertion lets say that will not get an mot maybe pay about 200 and change everything yourself cheapest way to go and saves so much hasel cheers

    1. Cheap Caravan available for Van Conversion!!!
      4 Burner Hob Oven & Grill Excelent Working Order. £150. 00
      R/H Sink & drainer Colour Matched to The Hob £ 25 .00
      Electrolux 3 way Fridge 12v 240v Gas £150.00
      Carver Gas Fire With Blown Air Heating £ 80. 00
      Full Shower Unit With Vanity Unit £150. 00
      Casset Toilet Clean ( New Seal ) £ 75. 00
      Carver Hot Water Boiler £100. 00
      Carver Boiler Vent ( Exterior Fitting ) £ 25.00
      Caravan Liesure Battery Charger £ 40.00
      3 Interior 12v Strip Lights £ 30.00
      2 Interior 240v £ 20.00
      2 Interior 12v Reading Lights £ 10.00
      Various Double Glazed Windows Set Of Six £ 150.00
      Exterior Door For Cassett Toilet £ 35.00
      Exterior Door For Liesure Battery/ 240v H/U £ 35.00

      Prices above are for breaking. The Caravan Can be Purchased For £750.00 COMPLETE!

      The Caravan has frontal damage as well as rear, as it was rammed into a telegraph pole.

      These/This Item/s
      Would be very suitable for a van conversion.

  3. conversion costs and ideas
    Planing your van layout is hard i built mine last year useded it on a few trips hated the layout so now have re shaped the inside for a more user friendly and practical layout as for conversion costs it all depends on what you want as for using a older caravan that is doable but it all fits into a square box and most vans curve in are narrower etc I recon i have spent a easy £5000 on my conversion and I am very conservative on my costings there is a lot of parts you dont see that gobble up the pounds ie 8×4 sheet of volringer lightweight ply around £80/100 a sheet and i used 4 sheets ,sheets of insulation at £17 per sheet i used 9 sheets two roof vents £90 each etc etc it is a money pit and also your mrs has got to be cool about you being outside working loads of hours on your van please though dont let this put you of its good fun great holidays where you can be free to travel where you want good luck with it steve

  4. LDV convoy
    You could have a look at my basic LDV pilot conversion and, if it’s suitable, I can send details.

    1. ldv pilot
      hi i would realy like to see your ldv pilot pics and plans as i would realy like to convert mine so eny help would be great thanks dave

    2. LDV Pilot conversion
      Hi Ian would you be kind enough to give me some info or drawings on how to make ldv pilot comfy please. Having difficulty convincing she who must be obeyed!!

      Many thanks!

      [email protected]

  5. ldv convoy conversion
    Hi, I’m new to converting, so I’m looking for some ball park figures on what the cost will be, how long and how difficult a job it could be (fairly handy at DIY).

    1. Hi Rob
      It’s up to you how

      Hi Rob

      It’s up to you how much you spend.

      If you want to make a simple camper for 1 person for occasional use then you can do it for as little as £50 or £100.

      For a more comfortable permanent living area expect to pay £500.

      For something really nice then expect to spend £1,000+

      If you’re handy with DIY you’ll save more money and get it done quicker. Expect a couple of months if working on it at weekends and not doing something too complicated.

      Most people take 6 months though.

      Some people really take their time and are constantly on the lookup for bargains and do great conversions for £500.

      I generally recommend setting your budget, then doing your conversion from there, or else costs can spiral.

  6. Hi,I’m halfway through
    Hi,I’m halfway through converting an ldv 400.I have some pics on a site I have set up if they are any good to you.


    1. LDV
      H, Could you send me a link to your photos/site. I have some photos so far of mine on this site, just need to find them! Thanks, Eddie

  7. Hi Ian, welcome to the

    Hi Ian, welcome to the site.

    Here is a page with some example layouts.  I will be updating it soon, but hope it helps right now.

    You can also see what I did with my camper van.

    Joe’s done some great work on his camper too


    1. LDV Conversion
      Hi Darren,Checked out you Sprinter conversion and it looks great.
      A few questions I hope you can help with.
      I am converting a Convoy Hitop and am using parts from a caravan to fit it out.So far I have the bed/seats/table fitted and am busy with the kitchen unit/sink/drainer/hob/cooker. I have read some gas regulations. Are there any specifics to fitting the bottles to the outside under part of the van. I prefer/intend to use a hinged support frame. Or can I have them fitted/sealed under the kitchen sink with an access door from the outside.
      I also am fitting a combined shower/toilet area with the water supply from an underfloor tank and want an electric shower Item number: 260504879899 3kw on Ebay As well as a separate gas heated system. The kitchen sink will also be gas and an electric heater or an inline 5kw type to supply sink/basin/shower, obviously only using one at a time.
      Any comments please.

      1. Hi Eddie
        Glad you like the

        Hi Eddie

        Glad you like the conversion.
        I am pretty certain you can carry gas bottles on the outside/underside of a vehicle, as long as they are secure, and cannot be operated by passers-by, i.e. the regulator/tap is locked.
        You can fit the gas bottles under the kitchen area. The bottles must be secured to the side of the vehicle, and preferably with ventilation. A drop hole, in the floor, is normally the best idea, as gas sinks. Access from the outside is also fine. You must be able to turn the gas off easily when in transit.

        You heating idea sounds like a good setup. The electric shower will be great when on a hook-up or generator.

        Please let us know how you get along.