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    Hi folks

    We are about to embark on our first purchase of a car/van to convert into a basic occasional camper. We have been thinking for a while about doing a really basic fold out boot bed conversion on a Citroen Berlingo or Renault Kangoo car so that we have a ‘car’ most of the time, and a camper for our weekends away and longer trips.

    However we might have the opportunity to buy an ex-fleet Vauxhall Combo for £3,000 (2007, diesel). We know the fleet manager so should be a safe bet in terms of not getting ripped off.

    BUT… are combos good to convert? I am bit concerned about the load length for the bed.And it would be a van, rather than a car, but maybe this would be better for our trips.

    The other issue is what would we do if we need an extra seat in the van in the future? Does insurance shoot up if you put an extra seat and a window into a small van? How much does that kind of thing cost?

    We are keen and able to do a lot of the conversion work ourselves, but not the seat/window thing.

    Key factors we are considering:

    Fuel economy – and environmental impact (currently don’t have a vehicle at all for environmental reasons)
    Size – husband is 6ft so needs good bed length
    Can use on a day to day basis
    Can also use for husband’s band and AV equipment
    Would prefer more than 2 seats
    Got a max £3,000 to spend, which really should include materials for conversion

    Anyone fancy pitching some ideas at us!!?? It’s doing my head in!

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    1. Darren – thanks so much for
      Darren – thanks so much for that.

      Funnily enough we had got to the same conclusion last night about the Peugeot Expert having seen Cornish Ben’s beautiful conversion, but found they were a bit out of our price range. So knowing some other comparable vehicles is a really great help. I shall get searching on those now.

      Still considering the Combo as an interim solution – and if the extra seat is needed we’ll have to get a new van.

      If anyone else has any suggestions, please fire them at us. Will let you know how we get on.

  1. Hi
    Considering your


    Considering your requitrements I think that the Combo/Berlingo might be too small for your requirements.

    A slightly bigger vehicle such as a Fiat Scudo might fit you better. Especially considering your husbands height, and your need to carry band equipment.

    The Fiat Scudo, also known as a Citreon Dispatch or Peugeot Expert, is bigger but still has excellent mpg. Many of them also have 3 seats in the front, which is better for your requirements.
    They are just as easy to drive as the smaller vans/cars.

    Getting a vehicle that fits your requirements “out of the box” is better than trying to adapt another vehicle.

    Adding windows doesn’t affect insurance much, but adding a legal and safe seat that your insurance is happy with can cost a lot of money.
    Better if the vehicle already comes with it.