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  1. Give it a try on a small
    Give it a try on a small patch, and see what happens. I would image all is fine if you use the suggested adhesive, or maybe try contact adhesive, which I have found excellent for sticking carpet to camper vans.

  2. I have only every used rubber
    I have only every used rubber backed carpet. That was really easy to stick to walls.
    What is the back of your carpet like? Is it pure fibers without a backing?

    1. the round window May 15, 2009 at 12:35 pm

      Hi Darren- yes the backing is hessian fibres – living room carpet style!Its obviously quite stiff but will only be applying to flat surfaces. There is an adhesive that carpet-layers use and I wondered if anyone had had problems keeping this sort of carpet stuck on ceiling etc. Apparently rubberbacked stuff has been ‘discontinued’.
      What the hell – may just go for it and maybe fire a few staples in for good measure 🙂

  3. the round window May 14, 2009 at 9:31 pm

    OOOPS sorry – meant to be new post no hijack intended 🙂
    However would be worth your looking on e bay for acoustic car carpet! hope this helps C

  4. the round window May 13, 2009 at 7:12 pm

    More carpet!
    Hi – just finishing the ply lining in my van n gettting all excited about interior finishes (girly stuff) – have found some acoustic vehicle carpet on ebay which is quite cheap but have also spotted a wool twist off-cut at my local carpet store (perfect colour and would look really cozy too) – anyone had experience of fitting hessian-backed ‘proper’ carpet to walls and ceiling?

  5. Thanks for the reply Darren.
    Thanks for the reply Darren.

  6. Hi Dave. I used contact
    Hi Dave. I used contact adhesive. Once you’ve coated both the walls and the carpet, and waited a few minutes the carpet will immediately stick to whatever you press it against. So you need to get it right first time, but it will never fall off.
    I used Evostick at first, but then tried the other much cheaper brands which were just as good.

    A friend used spray adhesive which he said was fine, but I don’t think it is as strong as the pourable contact adhesive.


    1. Wouldn’t use spray adhesive
      Wouldn’t use spray adhesive goes on easy but with heat and vibration all my carpets came down. I used industrial contact adhesive from toolstation great stuff and worked out cheaper.

  7. adhesive
    Hi Darren great site, can I ask what sort of adhesive
    did you use to stick the carpets to the walls and ceiling?
    Regards Dave.

  8. Try local
    Try local stores as I think it is better to check the material before buying. You can also save on delivery charges. Many places have remnants, which are left overs which are often cheaper.