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    john phillips

    I was wondering if you find that there is a lot of snobbery that goes hand in hand with many sites? I have converted a ldv high top ex minibus i have gone the way of using a old caravan with damp issues and putting many of the units into the vehicle. it as full electrics and gas , inside fitted toilet,double bed, wardrobe, microvave, cooker and grill both gas and electric heating and a outside awning so its not without all facilities, but the feeling of second class citizen comes accross, i am not a poor man, i own property that i rent out and i run my own business but i choose to recycle and make use of equipment and materials that would be otherwise wasted,It seems to me that the camping scene as been highjacked by the middle upper class and the camp sites are now starting to join in what do you all think ? am i right ? or is this something that i am imagining? Like your views John

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  1. Snobs
    I just do not understand how anyone who has to ‘crap in a box’ can be snobby – just an observation

  2. Fella’s
    is it bash a V dub day 🙂 I used to drive a 1600 Air Cooled Moon Raker for a year backwards and forwards every weekend from 1994 to 1996 From Aldershot to Bolton including the winter never broke down once then my Dad bought off me, and toured Europe including Switzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzland. I was a 1979 model with 70k on the clock sold in 2006 for £2200 with only 3 services and an alternator. Do I need to say more 🙂


    John the Wanderer 007

  3. caravan sites
    hi, newbie here, i called at our local caravan club site last weekend and asked them if they would let me try out our van to shake down any faults before we go wildcamping. the lady looked at the van and said if we had a sink, bed area, storage area,one side window and a roof vent we could visit any club site without any problems but said we may be asked to look inside by the warden. so with this in mind i am converting my renault trafic to this sort of spec, not for them, just it sort of sounds about right as a start guide, will pop some pics on when i finish it. tommy

    1. thanks for the comment tommy
      Have you tried to register it with the dvla yet? if you plan to perhaps you need to think of a few other things like a table, wardrobe,and cooking facilities. i dont really get to much problem with the site owners but i know they get comments from other motorhome users about converted vans.well when they pay £30000 plus and i paid one thousand and still have a good holiday perhaps they should feel sad lol .

  4. daveandlinmotorhome October 16, 2011 at 6:08 pm

    Hi most campsites will wecome you i am sure but will ask if you have curtains

  5. If you have a 240v hook up
    If you have a 240v hook up built in, they will gladly sell you some power.

  6. RE: Mini bus conversion
    Hi Peeps. We have just converted our mini bus. It has all the facilities of a caravan that we got from a salvage caravan site. We also like to recycle plus what with long journey’s up & down the country visiting family & friends & on the budget we have seemed like the best solution but I’m not sure if the caravan site’s will allow our mini bus conversion to stay on their site.We also have 12 volts flip down tv/dvd/microwave ect. Would they allow us to use the hook ups?

  7. In my experience, Classic VWs
    In my experience, Classic VWs are like classic Lambrettas. They look great when they are all parked up together at a show, but if you want to actually go somewhere buy a Vespa (or a Transit 😉 )

  8. Yes, I have to agree, in fact
    Yes, I have to agree, in fact I think they are very much overated. If you look at the asking price of a split screen VW camper, they are absolutely hideous. My Brother owns a bay window model and I just do not see what the enthusiasm is about…Is it…the lack of room so enabling the swinging of a cat impossible, or is it the love of hard shoulders of motorways? I know they have this aussie surfer following, but engine wise they are gutless and frankly a bit of a slug on a long journey.
    HOWEVER, because I’m not that keen on them, they do have a massive following…”bug jam” at Santa pod sold out etc. But for 15k+ I could get a used rolls royce and kip in the boot!

  9. And cheaper to run as well!
    And cheaper to run as well! My old T25 only did about 15mpg around town, when it wasn’t broken down at the side of the road!

    1. I love seeing split screen,
      I love seeing split screen, and some bay window campers cruising around. But I don’t long to actually own one. I can only think it is a world of cost and frustration.

  10. Well, i was thinking of
    Well, i was thinking of converting an LDV sherpa into a camper, because they are pretty cheap to buy. Then parking up next to someone with a VW split screen camper and asking them what they had spent on it. Then I could drop into the conversation that you can get an LDV for about £800 LOL

    1. Ha ha! Not the way to make
      Ha ha! Not the way to make friends! The LDV is probably quicker as well.

  11. Yes! Recycling is the way
    Yes! Recycling is the way forward! Well, reusing things with plenty of life in them, rather than dump them and buy the same thing again!

    I hate waste!

    1. We used to do loads of
      We used to do loads of caravanning, but more recently, it’s a case of who turns up with the biggest and the best with the most gadgets. I’m about to convert my 2006 LWB transit high top and will enjoy asking folk on these sites with the big fancy stuff…”Whats the payments on that a week”? LOL.

  12. Thats what I am!
    I’m a ‘recycler’.

    I thought I was just tight fisted and skint!


  13. Perhaps there is a opportunity
    Thanks everyone for your replies. It would be nice if we can get together and arrange a meet for all campervan members we can show these so called caravanners what it should really be about, its great to be able to share experiences of our build, places visited etc I like to think we are the original recyclers making use of otherwise discarded vehicles. John

  14. LOL! Good one! I got the same
    LOL! Good one! I got the same result when I looked up “snobbery!” 😀

  15. Dictionary
    I looked up ‘miserable’ and ‘unwelcoming’ in dictionary..

    there was a picture of the caravan club insignia..

  16. caravan club snobs
    Yeah, what he said!!! ^^^^

  17. I have found that official
    I have found that official caravan club sites attract snobby campers who will sneer at campervans they deem to be “not as good as theirs” as well as pompous over officious park wardens. Whenever I have stayed on them, my girls have been told off by the parkies for 1. playing ball games 2. playing with frisbees 3.flying kites 4. having fun generally.
    Avoid these, and go for family run small sites, and you should be fine. Personally I wish there were “campervan” rallies, similar to VW rallies where fans of all types could meet up and compare notes.

    1. Agreed
      Hi all.
      Newbie here.

      But have to agree about Caravan Club sites. Have been a member off and on for over 20 years but have noticed how they have become more and more ‘exclusive’. Agree also about the kids being told off and generally not welcome.
      We have frequently been looked down on (even with a 2 week old brand new top range caravan) because we have the cheek to stay up to midnight (oh the depravity!), laugh,(none of that please..) drink (only to excess..) and generally have a good time.
      I have to make it clear it was never to other peoples disadvantage. We were never singing and dancing at 3 in the morning!
      But they have become more ‘snobby’. Even the discount of being a member is less and less. Proving it’s more about being a ‘member’ and not one of the ‘riff raff’ dontcha know.

      1. Oh and another thought!
        Has anyone ever looked through the rule book for a regional rally?

        Such gems as ..

        All vans are to be parked the same way round, so that they are door side to closed side. NO awnings to face each other.

        NO NOISE after 11p.m.

        NO flags to be flown other than official club insignias.

        Young people to be within parental control at all times.

        And in their ‘competitions’ such criteria as , ‘childs painting shall be of the specified subject and no larger than A4 size.

        For goodness sake!!

    2. Suz Big Wagon............................................... April 29, 2012 at 10:39 pm

      not a rally but a gathering..
      Hi there Major Gruber,

      yep, know what you mean about the snobby attitude…poor sad folks they are too eh…
      well since you wrote your post …(and i’m a newbie btw) there has been a bit of a swell to make a rendez-vous somewhere roughly in north Wales on the 2/3rd June… so far we have 5 definates and a few maybe’s . its a non-organised non-event sort of event if you know what i mean…God forbid that, as MGR Roadster has said elsewhere, that the clip boards and schedules come out!
      No, a BBQ, beer wine good convo…til dawn?


  18. Hi John
    Unfortunately there

    Hi John

    Unfortunately there is some snobbery with many campsites.
    I have stayed on many campsites with my home conversion. As long as you have windows in the side, I find that most campsites owners do not have a problem with home conversions.

    I think you will find more snobbery with high-end campsites. The more affordable campsites are more friendly in my experience.