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    Me and my husband built a campervan into white LDV Convoy from UK and whilst waiting for campervan registration papers back from UK painted it into different colour.

    Since the papers took 2 months to arrive we had no time to change the colour on papers before our trip.

    So far we have traveled through Europe for 2 months and had no problems. Now on our second day in Bulgaria we were stopped by the police saying that it is a criminal offence here and we could be detained and charged 2000€ fine for it. They asked a bribe ofcourse and let us go.Now we are unsure if we should paint our car to white colour again..

    Is it actually criminal offence in Bulgaria? Would it be criminal offence in Turckey – where we plan to head next? Or Were they just trying to make money off us on no legal grounds?

    We would really appreciate your help!



    Sorry to hear about the troubles you’ve had.
    I’ve not been able to find out the legality of not having the correct colour declared on your vehicle document.
    It’s likely as the police use this sort of data to identify vehicles.
    Probably the easiest option is to get your V5 document updated and sent to you so that you have the correct documentation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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