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    Hello All
    Like many who look at this Website, I like camping / being outdoors etc. Reaching the age where putting up the tent became a hassle I suddenly had the bright idea of getting an old Transit Van and making a “camper” from it. It was a great idea and in Scotland where the Midges are sometimes hell, it became an even better idea.
    I purchased an ex BT Transit 120, painted it Blue and used it to “go birdwatching in Scotland” I added a leisure battery / TV / simple cooking facilities / A comfortable mattress / curtains…and finally a window. My wife and I loved it . We are now on our second generation of the “transit Camper”
    The purpose of this little yarn is this. PLAN YOUR TRIP because it is the most insidious and stressful thing when you arrive at your chosen campsite, as I did at Oban to be informed that “commercial vehicles” are not allowed.I had camped there with the Transit earlier that year.This “philosophy” about commercial vehicles exists and is much more widespread than I realized. (Glenmore Forest )I have just returned from Mull, where thankfully they do not have this prejudice.
    Finally..Thanks for reading this , phone ahead and ASK!! and never ever stay at the OBAN campsite. A list of avoidable / or dont mind campsites on the forum would be cool.

    Best Regards


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  1. Same story in USA
    Here in the USA, some snobby RV camps definitely won’t allow van conversions or other homespun solutions. Some don’t even allow commercially manufactured RVs over a certain age. They only want rich snobs in new RVs off the lot.

  2. chris nicholas July 7, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    camp sites
    camp sites ha ha ha dont use them . End of .been a truck driver for 30 years never paid for parking never had any hassle went to Scotland 10 days in my camper loads of parking use google earth to find good spots park up last thing move of first thing LEAVE NO RUBBISH. parked at the side of a lock for 2 days no hassle this country has to meany rules and regs

  3. peugot partner converstion kit
    I own a peugot partner and have seen a company in wales who provide the camper converstion kits which fold out to make a double bed or seating area and boot extention tent. On speaking to a colleague the tells us that many campsites do not allow these camper convesions on the camp
    site.Is this true. Can any one tell me if it is true why? cheers

    1. The only issue I have every
      The only issue I have every experienced is with a DIY campervan not having side windows.
      Some campsites owners do not like having campervans without side windows on their sites, as it gives the impression of a work van, or perhaps new age travellers.

      Almost all campsites are happy with DIY conversions, as long as they have side windows.

  4. imitation windows
    I tried the imitation windows, most sites said it was fine but a few commented on the cardboard looking people looking out of windows did not seem to be moving much

    1. Very good mr cummins! 🙂

      Very good mr cummins! 🙂


  5. twinwebber16001972 February 24, 2012 at 4:14 am

    campsite refusals
    another reason sites do not like”no window vans” is they cannot , no matter how cool your fit out is, or should that be willnot believe you are a genuine holidaymaker, they tend to secretely assume you are a worker and may be leaving the site at say 6am and will wake up the other”happy campers” but they will never tell you that!notice; happy campers never get up to enjoy the dawn!

  6. There is a very simple and
    There is a very simple and cheap solution to the problem of campervans without windows which works in more than one situation. Buy yourself a roll of black sticky back vinly that is used for vehicle signs. Then make yourself up some fake black tinted windows. Turn your commercial vehicle into a nice van with tinted windows. I’ve seen it work in getting across the severn bridge at car rate not van rate and ive seen it used for getting into campsites such as those described in this thread.


  7. twinwebber16001972 February 18, 2012 at 11:24 pm


  8. just bought a f reg 21 years
    just bought a f reg 21 years old transit with a devon conversion body showing signs of old age so im thinking of painting it in nato camoflauge colours will the camping and caravan sites allow us in

    1. IMHO After 5 months into the
      IMHO After 5 months into the self build motor home scene I would guess the likelehood of a refusal of entry is more than likely with the colour scheme you describe, unless your name is Johnny Kingdom, (BBC wildlife personality if you are unaware). I am partway through my build with the windows fitted ply lining sealed ready for covering & a 240v hook up installed. I needed to spend a couple of nights in a city, so to ensure I wouldn’t be turned around I joined the Caravan Club. I signed in the CC site after pre booking by email with no trouble.

  9. More on this …
    There are a few sites in Scotland that are civilized and dont mind: Just returned from a “whale watching ” trip.
    1. Camusdarach near Mallaig – cool site with a nice walk to the beach.
    2. Kinloch near Dunvegan (Skye) – they have a rule “enjoy your stay” I did.
    3. Staffin North East Skye – again a nice walk to the sea, good facilities.
    4. Glenbrittle Skye – civilized and scenic.
    5. Shellbay Isle of Benbecula Its not the Ritz but the owner is a gentleman.(HOT showers.
    6. Clachtoll Beach (Lochinver)
    7. and amazingly !! Rosemarkie near Chanonry point (Bottle nose Dolphins) – expensive but friendly with brilliant facilities.
    Hope this helps and that these campsites continue to maintain a friendly and relaxed attitude toward those of us who cannot afford a £60K motorhome.
    Finally I must mention the campsite at Craignure on Mull, this campsite restored my faith in human nature following my never to be forgotten experience at OBAN.
    Best Regards

  10. Martin and Jacqui September 25, 2010 at 11:06 am

    We have found on many Caravan
    We have found on many Caravan Club sites a certain snobbery whilst camping in a tent.
    If you dont look like you’ve got a £40,000 motorhome then your condemmed to a quiet backwater pitch next to the loos or rubbish tip.
    We dont use them now.
    Some good sites we have found.
    Pembrokeshire Martins Haven on the road to Skoma Island. Farm at the end of the road.
    No Hook Ups but clifftop site.
    Llyn Gynnant Snowdonia. No hook ups but toilet and shower block and fires allowed.
    Gwern Gof Isaf Snowdonia. Again No hook ups but staggering views of Tryfan.
    Glenbrittle Campsite Skye. Great Site right on the beach.
    But our all time favourite not a campsite but a good wild camp area Glen Etive West Scotland. Turn off the A82 just before Glencoe and keep going spaces by Loch Etive absolutely free.But no facilities whatsoever.Just Paradise.
    Theres more but cant remember now.
    A list of sites would be a great addition to this super site.
    Bye Martin and Jacqui.

  11. maybe its because
    maybe its because they dont want genuinely commercial vehicles (like lorries) turning up and sleeping cheap? or people just parking their business’s vans there.

    1. maybe its because
      I apologize if I appear rude,but we are all capable of making judgements, I trust my eyes and my ears and because someone drives a certain vehicle that does not make them a person that I wouldn’t want on my campsite or as my neighbour.


  12. I have just got back from a 2
    I have just got back from a 2 week trip through England and Wales.
    I stayed in 10 different campsites. My van does not yet have windows, but the conversion inside is mostly completed.
    I was turned away from only 1 campsite, The Caravan Club campsite near Cardiff. The staff were really nice, and couldn’t apologise enough, but said that the Caravan Club were very strict on not allowing vehicles without any windows.

    I stayed at Piccadilly campsite near Lacock and the owner was happy to let us on. When parking he said, ‘where are your windows?’.
    I said I hadn’t fitted them yet, and he said ‘it’s a home conversion is it’? I said yes and he seemed happy.

    The last night was at Woodland Springs campsite near Dartmoor. Chris, the helpful owner saw the van and said, “Have you started the conversion?” I said yes, and he said “As long as the conversion has started I am happy with the van”.

    All other campsites did not have a problem with the van, and we often saw other vans without windows.
    It’s a good idea to check before your book arrive.

  13. Thanks for the information
    Thanks for the information Swagman,

    It’s a shame some campsites do this.
    I’ve never had this problem, but have only camped in Europe where it seems less of a problem.
    Hopefully other people will contribute and we put together a proper list.

    1. I too have come across this
      I too have come across this on mainly Scottish camp sites even though I only
      have a small Ford Connect.The fact that it has no windows seems to create
      instant suspicion in some places.

      1. We are also finding some
        We are also finding some campsites which refuse vans (ours is a citreon berlingo van similar to the car but without the windows). East Fleet near Weymouth is another campsite which objected for us arriving with the van. We were also looking at the same campsite in Oban so will take another look around.