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    We’re new to the campervan scene and just had our first trip. Loved it but with one big exception and that was we inadvertantly booked into a snobby site in Dorset – they accepted us but we were the only VW on the site. Most others were twin axle ‘Senator’ caravans (yuk) with electric parking devices (double yuk) and the people were just so, so stuck up. When we gave a cheery good morning to our neighbours they literally ignored us. Same with other people going past – we really were not welcome with our T5 and Motordome awning….!!

    We went out to West Bay in Dorset and saw a nice site with 4 or 5 VW (bays, T4’s, T5) plus a couple of Tranny’s and that looked so much more friendly, we wished were there. And our campsite was a member of the so-called friendly club (Caravan and Camping Club) – certainly didn’t live up to its name! Shame as it did take the edge off our stay.

    So is there a listing of campervan friendly sites anywhere? We’ll happily contribute when we find one to recommend. Otherwise, any tips on finding suitable sites?

    We don’t want a repeat of this week, even though the camping and exploring was great – we just want to relax amongst like minded people who aren’t looking down at us.

    Incidentally though – Dorset is a great county to expore!
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  1. Some Scottish campsites 2011
    Posted this in 2010:so may be out of date
    This is an update for 2011 (September)
    The weather was “terrible”

    1. Camusdarach near Mallaig – cool site with a nice walk to the beach.
    now a bit pricey and due to be sold…..still OK
    2. Kinloch near Dunvegan (Skye) – they have a rule “enjoy your stay” I did.
    No Change Just a brilliant Campsite.
    3. Staffin North East Skye – again a nice walk to the sea, good facilities.
    No Change..except the “hot” water isnt that hot.
    4. Glenbrittle Skye – civilized and scenic. No change
    5. Shellbay Isle of Benbecula Its not the Ritz but the owner is a gentleman.(HOT showers.Did not go this year.
    6. Clachtoll Beach (Lochinver)No Change Friendly and a nice if short walk along the coast to ancient Brock (ruins)
    7. and amazingly !! Rosemarkie near Chanonry point (Bottle nose Dolphins) – expensive but friendly with brilliant facilities.No change.

    Plus: Durness. Brilliant non snobby with great facilities and good walks from the campsite.
    Scourie. OK !! We virtually had the place to ourselves’s No sign of the “commandant”
    There is a camping spec at Talmine, turn right after crossing the bridge from Kyle of Tongue. Basic but hot water and good toilets no electrics.quiet and BASIC but OK!!

    1. Thanks for the info, very
      Thanks for the info, very useful.

  2. Hook House Farm, Robin Hoods Bay
    We are also new to this, just picked up our van last week! We have a VW T5 and havent had any problems with snobby (jealous) people as of yet!

    We had the maiden voyage of Zelda (yes, weve named her!) at Hook House Farm in Robin Hoods Bay! Fantastic! £16 for a couple for 1 night. Faciltities were the best, family were extremley friendly and the view….well….I woke up to sunrise over Robin Hoods Bay, brought a tear to my eye! haha! Its been a long journey to get this far! haha!

    So highly recommended!

  3. Many of the Caravan club
    Many of the Caravan club sites just attract older people who will just happily knuckle down and sit in a plastic chair all day reading “which coffin” and then spend the evening cooking a meal and sit and eat it without conversation, but just look at each other occassionally. They then will retire to bed quietly, and thats why Caravan club sites hate families as the kids like to play and everybody enjoy themselves with disapproving grunts from knock kneed knackered old nose bags.

    1. TROLL………………hope i
      TROLL………………hope i die before i get old …

  4. snobby site in Dorset
    Hi Gary.

    Sorry to hear you had an unfriendly start to your motorhome life – that’s people for you but their not all the same thank goodness.

    I sometimes have the same problem when letting on to other motorhomers but with no reciprocal wave, very disheartening but I must say that sometimes they just don’t see you (I am guilty of not seeing another homes on the road sometimes until it’s too late and I feel awful that they think I am ‘snobbish’ but to those people who are not prepared to ‘let on’ I am not going to let them stop me from being friendly and I hope the same applies to you.

    If you did get to Europe this summer I hope you had a great time.

    Anyway, good luck for the future and if you’re ever over on the Isle of Man I’d be happy to show you around.


  5. Waverley Park or Kite Hill in
    Waverley Park or Kite Hill in the Isle of Wight. Can’t recommend them enough. I haven’t stayed at Kite hill but many of my friends have and they liked it.

  6. Non snobby campsites.
    Posted this in 2010:so may be out of date
    A few sites in Scotland that are civilized and dont mind: Just returned from a “whale watching ” trip.
    1. Camusdarach near Mallaig – cool site with a nice walk to the beach.
    2. Kinloch near Dunvegan (Skye) – they have a rule “enjoy your stay” I did.
    3. Staffin North East Skye – again a nice walk to the sea, good facilities.
    4. Glenbrittle Skye – civilized and scenic.
    5. Shellbay Isle of Benbecula Its not the Ritz but the owner is a gentleman.(HOT showers.
    6. Clachtoll Beach (Lochinver)
    7. and amazingly !! Rosemarkie near Chanonry point (Bottle nose Dolphins) – expensive but friendly with brilliant facilities.
    Hope this helps and that these campsites continue to maintain a friendly and relaxed attitude toward those of us who cannot afford a £60K motorhome.
    Finally I must mention the campsite at Craignure on Mull, this campsite restored my faith in human nature following my never to be forgotten experience at OBAN.
    Best Regards

  7. Snobby Campsites
    Yes The Burnbake is just one of the best and the worst I have found is in Oban.See a previous comment:

  8. another great site
    we have just had a couple of great nights at burnbake campsite, nr corfe castle in dorset. wooded site, very friendly lovely showers shop etc ,recommend to all x

  9. Snotty campers
    I took my two girls to a caravan club site in Pevensey. Never, never again! Every time the girls went out and played with a ball or a frisbee, the wardens came over and bollocked them! The BEST site in the UK that we have found, is the Waverley park site in the Isle of Wight. Friendly people, great site, clean loos etc etc and friendle to camper vans caravans tents whatever.

  10. Staying on Campsites
    We have stayed on lots of Caravan Club sites over the past 2 years & have not come across the situation you did. Yes most of the people are getting on a bit & sit in their caravans watching TV but they have always been pleasant and chatty to myself & the wife.

    We have a Brazilian T2 (aircooled) and we get lots of people coming over to chat about VWs. Lots of these caravan people had Bays and Splits when they were young so they like campervans.

    So in summary I think you were just unlucky. Our first trip away was to a terrible site up loch lomond side. Luckily the pub next door was nice as the site itself needed a couple of guards to disperse the noisy locals.

  11. Had a few trips to the UK,
    Had a few trips to the UK, some very beautiful places, but generally have found the continent more campervan friendly, and more geared up for people who just want to travel about. Lucky enough to live in the Channel Islands so getting to France is easy but not always cheap. Well worth the effort though, nice people, good food and wine, excellent sites no matter which district you visit. Loire Valley and the Dordoigne are our favourites. Give it a go! Driving in France is easy after the first half hour, first class roads and signage, you wont be disappointed!

  12. go to herston campsite in
    go to herston campsite in swanage dorset really freindly club house,shop showers and you can have a fire if you want

  13. Don’t be put off
    Sad to hear that you had that experience. We have a C reg Renault Traffic. When we have it serviced, it looks like the poor man’s orange. However, we love her and have had some good times with her. As a suggestion, try the smaller sites in the camping club (if you are self contained). They are good value for money and as they are tucked away, the big Berthas can’t get in anyway.

    However, some people just don’t talk to strangers. Maybe they were scared that you would nick their satelite dish??!!!

    I also have a theory – the bigger the caravan, the less likely the people inside get on. So maybe they just didn’t want to go on holiday and be cooped up inside with “him” or “her”.

    I started a forum for campsite under £10.00. Great sites so far – all two of them.


    1. Not just us…
      Thanks for the comments – we’ve chatted with a couple of friends with vans and they could empathise with what happened. It’s actually my fault for not thinking about what sort of campsite we booked onto, and there are many more friendly sites around.

      A couple of tips that we picked up (in jest of course…) are to use a wind up torch as that interfers with the satellite dishes and you can have hours of fun watching them trying to adjust their 42″ flat screen TVs when they lose the picture of Eastenders; then when you’re bored of that and it’s dark throw some bread up on the twin axle Senators so the seagulls run up and down the roof in the morning making a racket – apparently that really annoys them. Obviously, all said in fun….

      1. not alone
        hi we had a similar experience , but found a really cool place called steeple eeaze farm, its a bit like a mini festival site, basic but does have loos and a shower block. you can also have camp fires. very friendly neighbours all round we ended up partying with ours! although you could have just shut door and gone to bed! also eype farm has been recommended to us. we are self contained but very old vehicle and stayed at a site where i felt they thought we might pinch their bumpers lol good luck but a list on here would be great x

  14. Sorry to hear of that.
    A lot

    Sorry to hear of that.
    A lot of campsites can be snobby.
    I’d love to stat a list of campsites and camping locations on this website. I’ll add it to my to do list.