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    i am looking to buy a campervan to suit 2.i would like some advice about buying an import as this will be my first van i would like to know the downfalls of these vans.also if someone could tell me any other good vans to buy.

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  1. Lots of vehicles get imported
    Lots of vehicles get imported from Japan, so I don’t think it is mega hard.
    I see lots of Mazda Bongos, which are really MPV’s, but can be converted into great campervans.
    Probably the best Japanese van is a Toyota HiAce. Very strong vans that last a long time.

    1. imports
      i have heard that the insurance is dear and the parts are hard to come by any truth.
      many thanks

      1. It depends. Popular vehicles
        It depends. Popular vehicles that we have here: Mazda MX5, Toyota HiAce are not much more to insure, and most parts sold here are the same.

        Mazda Bongos and other vehicles that were never originally sold here to tend to be more expensive on insurance and parts.
        However there are so many Bongos in the UK now that is easy and not to expensive to get parts.
        More obscure imports will be more expensive in every respect.