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    the question is specific to a Chevrolet Express van but is really applicable to any vehicle

    i want to set up a battery bank of about 10kw, which can be done in several ways but i want to do it as series-only, as an example lets use the Trojan IND17-6V – 925AH – a pair of these is sufficient, aside from the weight concerns

    the problem is – i want to be able to at least partly charge from the alternator – 250A-300A alternators are available for this model van, but how well would this work?

    if you have (2) 6V in series this is basically a dual battery setup because the circuit sees it as 1 12V battery but the alternator is obviously not built to 3-stage charge batteries and has an internal regulator

    is this a doable setup by using a battery isolator an an inverter/charger to also add AC charging?

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