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    Hey there,
    a sheepish newbie in your neck of the woods.
    Going to rent a motorhome (to which you sure say, YUCK) up in Canada (port of entry: Calgary) for a couple of weeks. Plan to go up north into the (scary music now) NO AC/DC ZONE. Wondring if yer wise folks may give me some pieces of adwise wrt electricity. Point is that I have a digital camera with a built-in battery that requires a charger for you-know-what. At home I plug it into a electricity socket; on a campground I sure would find on, too, but in a motorhome? The charger, bytheway, kinda “knows” if 220V or 110V is comin’ at it. Any ideas? Thanx in advance. Arne

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  1. chargin’ thx
    Hey folks, that was real helpful, good that you’re out there. An INVERTER, that’s the missing piece of vocabulary. Us Europeans can be so uninformed…Thanx a bunch!

  2. Your motorhome will probably
    Your motorhome will probably have an inverter. This converts the 12 volts from the engine or cigarette lighter into 110 or 240 volts for your camera charger.
    Ask with the rental company before you get there. The motorhome should have one already.

  3. charging your batteries.
    You can get a charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket,and into your camera.Failing that,take lots of disposable ones.