Anyone converted a car derived van like a Fiat Scudo?

Home Forum topic Campervan Conversions Anyone converted a car derived van like a Fiat Scudo?

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  1. There are some great examples
    There are some great examples on this page:

  2. sorry about the anonymous
    my post abuot the Dispatch/Scudo conversion was not intended to bo anonymous. New here filled the form in wrong.

    1. Love the van looks really
      Love the van looks really nice.
      Mine is a bit tatty around the edges.

  3. Dispatch/Scudo conversion
    Iv’e just bought a Citroen Dispatch van for conversion to a 2 berth camper. Ive seen a few conversions on websites and measured my van for a bed and kitchen unit. I think it should fit. A few of the designs i’ve seen online would not work with the older Dispatch/Scudo. The newer vans are longer but narrower that the older (I think pre 2007) vans. My van is just over 6′ long inside and about 5′ wide so should be able to fit a bed.

  4. Peugeot Expert conversion
    I converted my expert a few years back. Some pics are here:
    A lot of those are about changing the engine from NA to turbo, but I do have a load of conversion pics too. I’ll put more online one day.

    I added insulation on roof/wals/floor, central locking, swivel passenger chair, extra batt, permanent cupboards and removable bed (so it can still be used as a van for shifting ‘stuff’), electric fridge, windows, roof vent.

    It’s lasted us 11 years so far, although some of the woodwork is getting a bit tatty now.

    1. Great van Wookey.
      Amazing to

      Great van Wookey.
      Amazing to think you did that 11 years ago!
      Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’ve got a seat inca van
    I’ve got a seat inca van which I done out just for fishing use.I’ve got some pictures somewhere which I will post up later.Used it many times and great for days out aswell.

  6. Fiat Scudo
    I have just got a Fiat Scudo Combi, with windows all round and a proper Fiat bench back seat for three. I’m looking at turning this into a one person camper. When the back seat is folded forward once, it comes at just the right height to sit on. I have started by buying 2 Lack tables from IKEA, which seem very strong and sturdy and with the folded seat will make the bed base. I aim to put a lilo on top. I will carpet the whole of the van with offcuts out of the loft. Cooking – one of those little portable stoves in a box for £12; sink and washing up – a washing up bowl with all the stuff in.

    I need to keep the van so I can use it for the family and as my main car, so don’t want to build in permanently.

    My problem at the moment is curtains – how best to fix them so they don’t lok scruffy or get in the way of driving.

    I also want to make or buy a very small annexe tent at the back. just to put a portable loo in, and maybe to leave on a site with gear in.

    So my problems are different to most of yours!


    1. this might help you?
      this might help you?

    2. You could use something like
      You could use something like this to hold the curtains when driving. You could make your own with curtain material.

  7. Hi Tom
    This page should

    Hi Tom

    This page should help

    This page might give you ideas of what systems work. No dimensions though

    This thread might help

  8. bed only
    Hi, i have a 2001 fiat scudo. this is my only vehicle and is used as a (fairly clean) builders van by day.

    I want to make some kind of fold out bed (from a box?)that would sleep two. box small as poss.

    Any ideas?


  9. scudo / expert conversion
    i dont have one …yet but am interested in this as a small camper but still useable as my everyday vehicle.
    i’m keeping a keen eye on this thread and looking up the links that you’ve posted.
    i’ve been checking various vans, getting specs etc and this seems like the ideal for me but as someone else posted, has the LWB version been available in the uk?

    1. and so it begins…
      thanks to finding ‘this’ really great website and following the links you lovely people have provided, i’ve taken the plunge and bought a citroen dispatch van.

      it won’t be the first thing i’ve built; i was working on a garage sized caravan but i’ve moved house and it had to go 🙁
      so now, don’t expect anything fantastic as i only want something quite basic, but when i have something to show, i’ll send a link!
      this might’ve been posted before but helped me to decide. YT has some interesting info about self builds


  10. Thanks

    Hi SimonJB

    Thanks for the links.  Well done on your conversion.  Happy windsurfing 🙂

  11. Hi I just chanced accross
    Hi I just chanced accross this dicussion, I though you might be interested in my conversion mainly aimed at carrying windsurfing equipement with the occasional bit of camping:

    Also here’s another I spotted:

  12. Mini Camper
    I have a Seat Inca van converted for my fishing use.

    I will try and upload some pictures later.

  13. Photos
    If you want to add photos guys it is best to signup with Google photos ( or flickr ( I know its a bit fiddly, but once you have signed up with them you can upload photos, and then add those photos here but copy and pasting the code.

  14. cheap and quick
    Hi all
    I wish I could send photos on here, but I will work it out. The bed is the main priority as it is the first thing to set up once destination has been found. Make this task as simple as you can. Washing and cooking? My suguestions are buy lots of unperfumed babywipes, a little camp stove and lots of pot noodles, chocolate and crisps.
    Selina 🙂

  15. Anyone got pics of their scudo, expert of dispatch conversions?
    I have recently purchased a 97 Peugeot Expert, got it for €2000 with only 60k miles and it runs perfect. Has a few dings here and there but I am not concerned, the rear dings are soon to be taken care of as someone rear ended me and smashed the steel bumper and lowered the back floor so it’s a good job I hadnt started ply lining!

    Anyhow, im interested in seeing peoples efforts at DIY conversions, I want to kit it out as a mini camper though not bothered with luxuries of cooker or washing facilities, I figure Il use a bowl and get a battery shower pump if need be.

    I want to know what people did bed wise and seating wise in the back plus where can you get a decent owning for this sized can that will fit the length of the roof.

  16. Hi Sheps. Great looking
    Hi Sheps. Great looking website. I’m looking forward to seeing your van progress. I wish I had one of those little vans. Please keep us informed in this forum about your conversion. Cheers

  17. Expert conversion
    Hi guys i’m just about to convert my Expert from scratch, whilst doing it i’m writing a blog. i’m going full electrics, gas, 2-way, R n’ R bed, swivel chair and new upholstery.
    I used to live in a massive LDV400 Coach conversion but swapped it for the comfort of 4 walls and a roof but still spend many days on the beach in the little van so have decided to make a minicamper out of it.
    Any help appreciated!

    1. van
      nice job on the skudo. Wondered where you picked up the back fold down seat . I am going to copy your set up as it looks practical and neat Congratulations

  18. Amdro
    I’ve had my Scudo converted by amdro to give us cooking space loads of storage and a double bed. We even managed to camp with a new baby but we are outgrowing it now with a second addition to the family. I’ll see if I can find a photo as mine is not on the website any more as it was a special.

    1. scudo
      Hey, you mentioned you converted your scudo, can i have a look at some pictures? and ask some advice? I have a dispatch that im looking to work on.

  19. Looking at doing this in Europe (possibly lwb version?)
    I’m looking at doing this as a project too, love to see any details of other’s work. These vehicles look perfect. Cheap, powerful economical HDi engine plus car-like to drive (and park).

    I’m considering the long wheelbase version which is 40cm longer as I’m 6’3 and the 2050mm load length is a bit tight for me (is this the distance behind the seats or the maximum lenght into the cab?). Was this ever sold in the UK? I’ve seen them here in Switzerland and at first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. They are certainly relatively rare in comparison to the standard.

    The weird thing is some appear to have the extra section welded behind the side door and some in front!

  20. look up Amdro ltd
    look up Amdro ltd alternitive camper conversions on line

  21. Please let us know how it
    Please let us know how it goes. Post some pictures if you can. Cheers

  22. scudo van conversion
    I am in the process of having a professional converter do so, if of interest.

    1. scudo
      Hi, just bought a citroen dispatch. did you get that conversion done on your scudo. would love some details on who did it and what was done if its no trouble. thanks. Antony.

      1. Sorry I have only just seen
        Sorry I have only just seen this so this reply is probably too late to be of any use. My conversion was completed and I have been very happy with the van — it drives like a car (well probably a people carrier type of car) but it’s perfectly good for one person to sleep in and use as a camper. I’ve just recently been away three weeks in it including several days of rain, not on campsites, and it’s been excellent. In theory I can carry and sleep three people, with a bed in the roof, but I haven’t tried that.

        Best of luck