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    Well hello

    Another noob to this, are we all trying to get away from the rate race? 45, male, love gadgets.

    I’ve just bought a 2011 Ford Transit, LWB High Top 350 panel van. Arrives tomorrow
    Have been looking at tons of you tube videos & the likes, wow I have a lot of work ahead. I decided to go for a self build though as a, I just couldn’t find an existing home with a garage for the money I had to spend & b, I really want my own one man band layout!

    My first jobs will be insulating & replacing the driver & passenger seats to new swivel seats. I’m hoping to get this done within a month or so so I can bugger off!

    Couple of questions.

    1. Is there anyone on here who can help with any aspect obviously I’d pay, part of the fun can be travelling to wherever & getting the van worked on.
    2. Security. Is there much issue with being broken into or attacked at nights?
    I’m seeing some sort of chain, steel pole, linked between driver & passenger doors to stop them being pulled open if the lock is picked.
    Do people think that putting a padlock on the back of the van attracts more attention than it protects?
    What kind of security can I put in place for the sliding side door?

    Thanks for any advice. See you on the forums.

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