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    My wife and I are taking the plunge and buying our first camper.

    We are in a bit of a dilemma choosing between a Nissan Elgrande, converted by Northstar conversions. It’s a back conversion with a pop-top. It’s this van, with an added top (extra £3.5k) and it’s done another 10k miles or so.

    Our other option is a 2001 VW T4 diesel. It’s done 39k miles and being converted by a guy whose done quite a few before which he’s shown us. It’ll have a pop-top too and will be a side conversion. We’ll have much more say on layout and style etc.

    Both vans will total about £15k when we buy them..

    Interested to hear everyone’s thoughts, we’re very new to this so are taking advice where we can find it!



    The bed in the Nissan conversion does not look comfy to me. I would want the cushions to make a perfectly flat bed.
    Is the VW conversion going to have a rock and roll bed, and the classic VW layout?
    I think the VW will have more re-sale value as well as people are more familiar with the vehicle as a camper.


    According to My advice, VW is better, better pickup, comfortable to ride, and you enjoy your trip on it. we are Norwegian bought 2011 Model VW van’s and modified them to campervans according to our choices. And these van’s are a beautiful, amazing pickup. Everyone who drives love’s it

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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