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    2010 Mercedes Sprinter with Camper Conversion for Sale
    $20,000, 156k miles

    I am selling my beautifully built out van! I love this thing so much but unfortunately it is time for me to switch gears in life. I have been living in this thing full time since I built it out in 2017. My partner and I lived in it together for a long time very comfortably, so you can realistically live as a couple in it. I know these vans are usually a lot more expensive, but this one is in need of a repair that I would have done if I were still living in it so I took a generous chunk off the price. More information below. Reply for more pictures or info.

    Build Out:
    -full size bed with 8in memory foam mattress
    -book shelf!! (This is my favorite part of the van… it has been sturdy enough for the last 3 ½ years to be fully loaded with books)
    -30lb propane tank for cooking and heat. If I am using the heater a lot, I have to refill it about every 6 weeks but when I am just using it for cooking I usually refill it only once a year! Both hoses and an adapter to connect 2 hoses at once to the tank are included in the box with the propane tank.
    -Olympic Wave Heater (I rarely use this because it is very well insulated but it makes it very warm when you do!)
    -Max Air 2 way adjustable speed fan in the ceiling
    -LOTS of storage space under the bed but you can still fully sit up in bed. I made the bed high enough that you could store a bike under the bed if you took the front wheel off. I never actually do that though, I usually just store it in the living space when I am driving and pull it out when I get somewhere but theoretically you could.
    -beautiful cabinetry and wood countertop
    -vinyl wood flooring
    -bench seating (with cushions and storage inside) with a table that you can pull out or stow very easily
    -insulated curtains between the cab and the living space
    -Coleman cooktop 2 burner stove. You could cut a hole in the counter and install one pretty easily. I didn’t because I loved the wood countertop and I didn’t want to put a hole in it but it could be easily done. You could install any stove that runs on propane.
    -5 gallon water container
    -The walls were built using a system of studs and triple ply wood to maximize the space. This set up makes it easy to change the colors of the walls if you wanted to repaint them and ot hang pictures or cork boards on the wall so you don’t have to try and drill into the metal everytime you want to hang something which is quite difficult.
    -12v deep cell marine battery charged off of the car’s battery. The sprinter van actually has two batteries in series with one another and I have installed a Blue Sea Systems Automatic Charging Relay so the house battery charges off of the car battery when you are driving. It only begins to send a charge to the house battery once the car battery is fully charged. I have loved this system and it has provided me with a lot more power than I need. I also have a voltmeter installed on the house battery so you can keep track of the power you have. There is no inverter installed so the house power is DC, not AC but I used a small plug in inverter to charge my laptop and this system worked really well for me when I was working from the van on my computer a lot. It would be easy to install solar panels, but I never needed them with the charge relay. There is also a charging port for the batter on the outside of the van so if you are parked in one place with power you can connect to shore power with an extension cord.

    -always completed recommended maintenance, usually at the dealership unless I wasn’t near one.
    -no accidents
    -maintenance records
    -I left a set of snow cables in the van and an extra set of brake pads that I haven’t needed yet
    -New tires (less than 1k miles on them)
    -No major dents or anything, just some minor scratches and dents from driving around in the woods and in the mountains.
    -There is an oil leak somewhere that I haven’t located yet. It drives perfectly well otherwise, you will just have to add oil when the computer tells you to. I usually check the dipstick and add it when I notice it is low rather than waiting for the computer so I can stay ahead of it. I would usually be selling this van for 10k more but I honestly don’t know the source of the oil leak and I didn’t have the time to invest in fixing it sadly. This is a very generous discount but I am selling it this way simply because I need to sell it quickly since I have already moved and bought a different car.

    If you have any questions or would like to see it, let me know! I love this van home VERY much but I am excited to give it to someone who will get to live their van life dreams! Reply for more pictures.



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