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    Here’s What we’re starting off with, 3 months ago we set out with one thing on our mind.. to find a car, truck or van I could actually fit in and be comfortable driving. Mind you for nearly 3 years I asked my wife to look at the Ford Transit Connect, because I saw it as a challenge and a new way of thinking.. One other point, I learn back in 2008, the Federal Government created a new safety ruling which effect how our vehicles seats are designed. This new ruling effected mainly the head rest in my case. I found out that 90% of the small cars and trucks I attempted to sit in forced my back and head forward more than I care to mention.

    While searching the lot, I also learn that many of the larger Ford trucks, utility vans and the Transit Connect were exempt from this new safety ruling and the head rest didn’t jut forward like all those other cars I attempted to sit in. No more than I was in the 2015 Ford transit Connect miniCargo van.. my wife was already started on the paperwork and in less than 80 minutes, we drove off the lot with this new van.

    Our intentions was to create an overlander/expedition vehicle.. but after 3 months of searching.. we just couldn’t find the correct parts or accessories to suit our needs. But we found on thing which later set the tone for how the Transit will end up. I made a few contacts along the way, one of which was willing to help us out with the creation of new wheels for our transit. Not really new wheels, just redesigned wheels with the correct bolt pattern that fits the TransCon.

    One thing I didn’t like about the wheels was that it had the funky round disk shape thing with a large star in the middle. I asked if this center cap could be removed and the wheel company said that it could.. I found and image of those wheels without the center cap and did a photoshop knock off and placed the image of the capless wheels on our van.

    I’m not sure what it was, but something with the lighting in that image just made these wheels stand out more and ended up setting the tone for our new redesigned build. Instead of going up with the van.. we’re now going to “slamit” But I can’t say we’ll have 18” or greater on the van.. 17’s would be nice enough for now.. Heres a couple of projected images of before and after. You can learn and find more about the van and our camping adventures via: Toaster-Van.tumblr.com

    Oh and why is it called a “Toaster Van”? funny thing happen right after we had the van for one week, My wife asked if I could make her some toast for breakfast. the toaster (A white t-fal) was in the pantry, Recovering the toaster and setting it on the counter.. we both looked at one another.. we couldn’t believe it.. the 20 year old white t-fal toaster looked just like the van or vice versa.. Thus the name stuck.

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