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    Hi, could anyone help with this that may have some experience with down-plating a vehicles gross weight?
    I am looking at an LDV Convoy 17 seater minibus. The gross weight is 3850kg, I am permitted to drive upto 3500kg on my licence. I understand I can get the vehicle down-plated when I have completed the conversion. It will never get near the 3850kg, as its not going to carrying 17 people! Just wondered if anyone had done this before and if it was a fairly simple procedure? Many thanks


    Hi, I know this is quite an old post now. But just wondering where you got to with this? Looking to do the same, but finding it very difficult!


    Martyn Eyles

    Hi Jay,
    Yes it is a nightmare, nobody seems to know how to
    do it or who to talk to……..but the good news is,
    it is now all sorted:
    For Van down-plating, speak to :
    01772 621 800
    [email protected]
    Steve or Gareth are the engineers to talk to and they
    will explain everything.
    I just wish DVLA knew, it would have saved me many
    Good luck with the project.


    Hi Martyn, thanks so much for getting back to me. Conversion is all done and this has been the hardest bit. I’ve had so many phone calls with DVLA resulting in a different answer each time and on the back of it having 2 returned applications. Surely they must be getting plenty of similar enquiries to have a more standardised response. In the one call with SV tech, I’m instantly more assured.

    Thanks again!

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