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Decided on compromise, as we (fellow who I’d converting the van ) already seem to be differing on a few things, so took out the rubber floor today,, all in one piece.
Thought if it does get too cold, I could put a strip down the centre, as cupboards and bed, take up the rest. Hopefully this will work? Kept thinking, if I insisted on leaving it in. And trouble started I would get the “told you so, !

Next thing, I sent up for a great little 12 volt fridge, with a separate freezer, was only $330 delivered, ( about 460 pounds?) looked at the requirement space, when built in, it was saying a whopping 20 cm each side, 30 cm on the top, 50 cm on the back. Think 30 cm is 12 inches?
Back no problem, as it will sit against the fly screen having installed, but does it have to have all this room do you think? Was only planning on around around 3cm on side maybe little more on the top but not much.
Brand is a Glacio can’t find anything on it. What do you think.
Fellow will have a fit when he sees it!