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John parr

first van
I not trying yo sell you my van which is for sale in this section,well maybe i am but not in a pushy way?I may be bias but you cant go far wrong with a tranny ,there simple ,robust,have strong reliable engines ,cheap parts.My van has been very reliable its not the fastest but for its size its inc good on fuel,the only downside with trannys is rust they are prone to rusting a bit more than other vans,but not that much and can be repaired infinately.I wouldnt touch early hdi diesel engine if pumps need work can cost you a small fortune ,standard td or early unturbo engines best ,i personally would go for an older van thats been looked after i.e service history etc,if your not sure about a vehicle i would take a mechanic along to check it out if poss.Good luck and Happy camping.John