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Andrew Smith

Holdsworth T1000 Camper van with fabric pop top.
Hi there,

I have the exact model you show in your picture by Holdsworth. It’s old and rough and took a few weeks of back breaking work to make repair plates and weld all the rotten areas of the chassis and overhaul the brakes and steering components a couple of years ago. It’s utterly charming and we all love it dearly – we’ve had about 3 summers of camping trips and festivals in it but the MOT is a challenge every year! It’s due again soon and I’ve drawn an absolute blank trying to locate complete Mcpherson struts or top swivel bearings for the same. It had an MOT advisory last time so I need to sort these out. I may resort to stripping out and converting top bearings from a more recent vehicle with better spares back up. It’s well worth it though – this van has enriched our lives no end! Good luck with yours! Andy.