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12.73v for my batteries is
12.73v for my batteries is the fully charged state based on the infomation supplied by the manufacturers not 12.6v and this is what i see every morning after the batteries have been at rest overnight for 12hours. Prior to installing the system on this paricular van i was getting a reading of 12.35 which is just below 70% charge for my batteries. I personally was quite dubious about the claims made about standard voltage regulation and how it was just adequate in terms of the amount of charge potential it has, so i have regulary checked it.
Fortunately cold weather is not a concern of mine as i never have problems starting in temps down to as low -25 even with the battery that comes with the van. However i will admit that i do not know what the CCA rating is for my starter battery and i have strangely enough never asked any of the people i have jump started in the alps what their cca rating is either. I will however check mine later as it possible this might be why it’s so easy to start in the coldest of temps.