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Talbot Express
Hi there

I’ve been dreaming of a Camper Van and thought I wanted a classic VW camper but after seeing a Talbot Express, I love the interior, it’s space, storage and facilities plus the bedroom above the driving area. However, each time I try to search on line, all I come up with are second hand listings. I want to think and dream big and start with looking at the new ranges. Can anyone guide me on who makes them and ideally, where I can go view a whole load of them. New or almost new is the dream. Also, I heard the fibre glass ones rust less etc because there are no seams. This makes sense to me, but do the new models still use fibre glass? I looked at VW camper vans after initially visiting a park displaying mobile homes which although lovely were way to big. The Talbot Express seems to me to be the best in regard to a manageable size (in terms of not being too anti social when parking up places and managing driving it around roundabouts and reversing etc so I feel confident when driving it).

Hope someone can advise. I’d like to access a site where I can do virtual tours or at least look at a range of interiors.

best wishes, Lorraine