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60 miles isn’t a lot, so I
60 miles isn’t a lot, so I would recommend replacing a car with a camper van.
They’re fantastic vehicles to have. Image going for a day out, and being able to sit and make drinks when every you like. Make a meal, put on the extra clothes you keep in the van. It’s a great lifestyle to have.

The VW’s are very popular and reliable. The old VWs are for big fans only. The newer ones are much more modern obviously.
I always recommend getting the biggest vehicle you can. You will love the extra space. However, for an every day vehicle it’s worth getting a smaller vehicle.

With that said I use a medium wheel base Mercedes Sprinter as my everyday vehicle. It’s my only vehicle. One soon gets used to it.

How many people do you need to sleep in the vehicle? Any children? Where do you need to park it, on a drive?