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My wife and I did a similar
My wife and I did a similar thing a good few years ago now. We didn’t have any people reliant on us, so we both packed in work, sold up, bought an old volvo and a cheap caravan. We drove down to the south of France, drove along the Corniche stopping where we liked, eventually drove into Italy, visiting Venice, Florence, Rimini etc. We then headed over the Brenner pass into Austria and up to Innsbruck etc. We then eventually drove through Germany into Belgium and then home. We had a hell of a great time, and on returning made a profit on the Car & Caravan.
We then both got ourselves back into the daily life routine.
If you want to do this and have no ties…..Damn well do it! Anybody who may object, is probably just a “little too old fashioned” where you left school, got a job, married the girl next door and retired 50 years later.OR just regrets not doing it them selves.
You only have one life….Do what you fancy.You never know where this trip may end you up and the folk you may meet.(I know of a guy who called at a hotel in the lake district asking about any building work out of season and moved in for 6 years)!
I also know a couple who toured around Canada without a pot to piss in, but got regular odd jobs on farms etc. They are now happily settled having done this.
Try camp and caravan sites out of season to see if they need any building/landscape doing ready for the next season etc and use their site to live on before moving onto the next gig.