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Thanks for replying,


Thanks for replying, sorry im not very helpful, we are new to this!
The first time it wouldn’t work, we noticed that we had left the radio switched on, it was prob on for around 10 mins or so. We wondered whether we had somehow switched it to the leisure battery and therefore it wouldn’t work initially. When we turned the radio off, the van started (maybe coincidence).
When we turn the engine on, nothing happens, no ticking, chuggig, silence. The most recent time it happened we turned the leisure battery on for 5 mins, and then it started (again, maybe coincidence).
The dash lights come on, but to be honest I don’t know about the front lights etc.
We have a leisure battery, and we believe it is split charge. Aside from that, we know nothing about it!
Any ideas muchly appreciated 🙂