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Hi Darren,
Hi Darren,

Another question (or two) for you: should I pre-frame for a roof fan before I install insulation and paneling, or should I just deal with cutting it out afterwards? Seems like something that would be best to install early? Any thoughts you have on that would be much appreciated. Also, it would be awesome if you could give me any any feedback on the following insulation method: base layer of DIY Lizardskin, Reflectix and/or denim lining-in-plastic-bags to fill weird holes and spaces (including ridges on floor, window and door sides, etc.), then one-sided reflective jute lining over that, then plywood paneling. My main question is whether you think there would be any benefit in doing a full layer of reflectix under the jute lining so that it kind of makes it a two-sided deal or whether that would be overkill. Would also be interested in any opinions you have on the best flooring- my setup is meant to live in but also to be able to handle getting dirty, etc., as we will be travelling around rock climbing primarily. I am thinking about snap panel flooring or somehting like that but wonder if plywood or rubber matting might be more durable?

Sorry to bombard you with questions. If you can point me to another resource for easy answers to these that would be fine too. In case you can’t tell I’m a full-fledged van newb. Thanks! Chandler