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Thanks Darren that’s a
Thanks Darren that’s a brilliant reply.

I’m just doing some more research before I go ahead and buy any of the components.

I’ve found pretty much all of the components but I do have a few more questions…

If I buy a Sterling Power Battery to Battery 12v-12v 100A would I not need a relay? I’m probably wrong but I get the impression the charger incorporates the relay function?

Then I’m a bit stumped with the fuse box, I think having 8/10 ways would be good. Although I say that mainly because I’m not sure if the sound system I want to fit will need more than one way (sub & 4x speakers) so I’d be allowing for this plus one or two spare with a 10way box. Should I be looking at buying a consumer unit? Something like this?

And lastly I’m not sure how I will connect a mains hook-up cable to my mains battery charger. Do I need some kind of adapter?

Thanks again Darren, your advice is a great help!