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TBH, yes they can. Anyone
TBH, yes they can. Anyone kipping in a council car pk (or anywhere for that matter) could be of interest to them. Before I converted my LWB high top Transit, I was using it for long distance courier work, which involved me sleeping overnight in it. I used to park up with lorries etc on trading estates, but sometimes as they start up at circa 4am, one night I decided to park in a quiet area in a village.(curtains round the cab windows).
bang, bang, bang on the door at about midnight, and 4! policemen. Asked me who I was, what I was doing etc and once proved, they went.
They told me there had been a spate of burglaries in the area, and needed to check me out.
For all they know, you could be a wanted man, and that’s another reason they do it, if the vehicle doesn’t look quite like “the norm” for sleeping in.