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1. What drew you into owning
1. What drew you into owning a vw camper?

Mine isn’t a VW, but…

I love traveling, surfing, cycling and being outdoors.
My family had caravans when I was a kid, and lovely every minute of that, and thought a campervan would allow a great sense of adventure, whilst’ being self-contained.

2. What model do you have?

Mercedes Sprinter

3. What are your main reasons to owning a camper?

Easy adventures and exploring

4. What is your favourite part about owning a camper?

Driving to a lovely location, having everything you need, and staying there

5. Do you have a name/theme for your camper?

My first one was called the Pampy Camper, after a nick name.
The current was, was called ‘Big Blue’, but it’s not blue anymore.

The theme inside is country cottage.

6. What is the most interesting place you have been with your camper?

Gibraltar, Paris, or perhaps the snowy Spanish mountains.

7. Do you fix/build/renovate your van yourself?

I converted the camper myself, from an empty van.

8. How many years have you owned a camper?

6 years.

9. Do you get stereotyped because of owning a camper?


10. Which seasons do you use your camper? why?

Spring, Summer and Autumn. We have used in Winter, but rarely.

11. What makes your camper van unique?

Storage for surfboards and bikes.

12. Any interesting items within your camper?

Not really.

13. Any interesting stories unique to your van?

We lived in it for nearly a year, across Europe. We’ve used it as a hotel on wheels and lived in it at home also. And used it to move house.

14. If you could change anything about the VW Camper what would it be?

I’d have a permanent bed.