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Update… can I get another
Update… can I get another opinion?

I went with (3) for the day. I unbolted the cage, bought some stock, 1″ square steel to use to raise it up and cut it into appropriate 3″ and 4″ lengths to fit beneath the existing feet of the cage.

1) The cage is no precision piece of engineering. One of the legs is longer than all others by, I’d guess, ~ 1/8″. I have to cut this one off if I raise it because otherwise the front-left corner jams in to the roof, hard. I think this is okay, this is the only leg that does not have a twin on the opposite side… okay, so that’s fair.

2) Putting in new bolts or self-tapping screws. I choose one or the other based on access, preferring bolts where I can. I’ll be able to get at all but one of the feet, maybe I can come up with something to make this work still.

Taking a breath and examining the whole outfit, I cannot imagine that this served anything more than to hold up the interior shell wall. It’s 1″+ clearance to the roof at all times, and most feet had only one bolt/screw, I think two had two in them.

I’m back on the fence after today, thinking I should just take the whole thing out and build a new interior cage out of wood to hold up my roof and insulation. Before going that route was hoping to solicit one or two more opinions. The only way I can get the cage out is by cutting it out with the angle grinder and that’s a one-way road.