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Thanks for the reply Darren –
Thanks for the reply Darren – some good useful advice there.

In fact in the time since I first posted I’ve come to many of the same conclusions as you have offered in your advice.

The main thing I’m stuck on at the moment is a side window for the van.

I’ve seen a few perspex / polycarbonate caravan windows like the Seitz ones, but there don’t seem to be any of an appropriate size ( they’re all way too big) and they’re pretty expensive (probably because of their size)
I’ve also tried contacting some conversion companies who offer a window fitting service but they’ve all come back to me to say they don’t know of any appropriate products for the Connect.

There is a 5 seater Connect variant that had windows set into the side loading doors – I’ve tried a few Ford dealers to track down sourcing the part but they don’t seem interested – and I don’t hold out too much hope of tracking one down through a scrap dealer as this was an incredibly rare model.

So basically I’m a bit stumped.