Mini-Buses For Sale

Mini-buses are one of the best base vehicles you can use if you are considering doing a campervan conversion.

Mini-buses, when compared to regular panel vans, are better because of:

  • Lower mileage
  • More service history
  • Generally better looked after
  • More windows
  • Lots of seats for sitting area

If you are planning a large, or family orientated camper van conversion, a mini-bus is almost certainly your best choice.

eBay is a great place to look at lots of mini-buses.  You can normally find a bargain.

  1. Minivan v panel van insulation and electrics
    Hi, I am trying to decide whether to buy a minivan or a panel van to convert into a campervan. I can do basic DIY but am not brill with electrics, so would need to get an expert in (ditto the shower/water supply/toilet). I notice that a lot of minivans have carpet on the floor and often some sort of material on the sides and roof, do they have insulation underneath or would I have to remove these and put more insulation behind? Also if there is some form of lighting in the ceiling of the minivan, would I be able to use that in any conversion and what else would I need for a fridge etc? Any hints on how big a water tank I would need and where would I stow it?


    1. Hi

      Most people doing a conversion learn some electrical and plumbing skills to get those bits done. It’s worth having a go, don’t be put off.

      Vinyl on the floor is generally best, as it’s easy to sweep out. Carpet is OK for winter, when you want it to be warmer.
      Most campers have carpet on the walls and ceiling to make it cosier, and because it’s fairly cheap and easy to do.
      Almost all will have some insulation in the wall cavity. It keeps the cold and warmth out (think of the sun on the van on a summer morning).
      You should be able to re-use the cables in the ceiling for new lights. Just make sure its the same voltage, almost certainly 12v.
      Most people use a gas fridge, which requires vents to the outside. gas fridges are cheaper than electric ones, which are noisier, but don’t require vents.
      Water tanks are definitely best stored under the vehicle. CAK sell a great range for almost all vehicles :


  2. Iveco mini bus for sale
    Hi, we have to sell this perfect to convert minibus which was going to be our home….so sad to let her go, but we have to because we are not UK/EU residents and can’t insure it!!!!!!


  3. Mini-buses make great vehicles to convert.
    I agree with the above, that they are great to convert. You don’t have to fit windows and the seats are fitted securely (crash tested)and usually are front facing and have 3 point seat belts fitted. This was important to me as I wanted to build a family camper van and I wanted my children safe. I also sold the extra seats I did not need which helped fund my conversion.


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