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Ronda to the Coast del Sol, Andalucia, Spain

It’s still raining in the morning. We decide to take a tour of Ronda from inside the van, then head down to the Coast del Sol.

The mountain roads back to the coast are a fair bit easier to drive that those on the way up. We head to a place recommended on the iCampsites iPhone app, Victors Beach. It’s a great spot and we stay for the night.

Wet Gibraltar, The Royal Wedding, Ronda, Andalucia, Spain

We wake to substantial rain. We have a big puddle outside the van, and our door mat, which recently got buried by a dog, is now waterlogged. Perhaps today is the day to throw it away.

We want to visit Gibraltar, don’t want to pay for a campsite, but don’t know where to park the van safely. We have concerns about the security of this area.


During the night, a little after Midnight, we heard several scooters park next to the van and turn off their engines. We both wake up and see three lads on scooters right next to the van. From their movements it seems they are hiding, behind the van, from someone on the road. They keep peeking around the cab at the road. I guess they are hiding from the Police, or from someone else.

A View of Africa, Andalucia, Spain

It’s fairly windy in El Palmar this morning, just like I remember it 5 years ago. But, just like 5 years ago, it’s sunny and warm.
We work the morning, and decide to hit the road before having lunch. Tomorrow we plan to visit Gibraltar, and want to be there early. So we plan on heading south this afternoon and finding somewhere to wild camp.

Last few days in Portugal, heading to Spain soon

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been busy here in Portugal. Busy updating websites, doing jobs on the van and of course exploring.

This is probably our last day or last few days in Portugal, then we’re heading to Andalucia, Spain. We’re really looking forward to it.

We’re actually just waiting on some post to arrive.


I’ve been to, and stayed in Sagres many times. And whilst it’s a nice little town I’ve never seen it’s true potential.

When I was here before, 4 years ago it was earlier in the year, and the weather not so good. But today with the weather well into the 20’s we’ve had a fantastic day walking around the Fortulaza and town, eating out and sunning ourselves.

Waiting in Sagres, Portugal

We’re waiting to leave Sagres. We’re waiting for a package from a friend. The package is taking longer then usual.

However, we’ve sort of fallen in love with Sagres. A bit of a nothing town really, but with lovely beaches, walks, cliffs, and bars. We’ve slowly found this out whilst walking around, whilst waiting.

Campsite day, doing van jobs, Porto, Portugal

We spend the day doing various jobs on the van in the campsite near Porto.

It’s an OK campsite. It’s got what we need, the people are friendly, it’s very quiet and cheap (€10 per night).

We do our long overdue laundry, various cleaning and carpeting jobs on the van.

We take a bike ride up to the local Pingo Doce supermarket and grab a few items.

Cornwall to Portsmouth

After a hectic final day finishing the van, and tidying up the garage of everything that has been used to make the van, I say an emotional goodbye to my family and finally hit the road.

I had planned to leave Cornwall by around 3pm, arriving at Portsmouth at 8pm. The reality was that I left Cornwall at 7pm.

Car is gone, van only now

 Today I sold my car.  It’s a great little car, and I was sad to see it go, but I only drive so much as I work from home, and the van is more than