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I'm a huge campervan enthusiast, and the maker of I believe everyone can convert their own campervan, and enjoy a great lifestyle with it.

Insulating, wiring and panelleing

Insulating, wiring and panelleing

I removed the panelling from the van.

The kitchen area with panel removed

I took a trip to Travis Perkins in Truro to get the 9mm ply, rockwool insulation and self tapping screws.

Engine service and drive home

Engine service and drive home

I received the service manual and fitted all of the filters, except the fuel filter. I intend on trying biodiesel as a fuel. I have read it works very well in diesel engines, but can loosen some of the diesel deposits and foul the fuel filter. So I’ll swap that filter after using biodesel for a while.

I also changed the coolant, which was pretty clean anyway.

Fitted the radio and got road tax

I got road tax for the van today today. I had to go to the local DVLA office in Truro as the vehicle had previouly been registered as tax exempt. I filled in the forms and got the tax disc.

I am keen to give the engine a reasonable service, and the transmission eventually, but would rather have a service manual for advice on anything unusual.

Starting work

Starting work

Now that the van is at home I start work. I replace the half a dozen or so light bulbs that do not work. I clean out the inside, which is filthy. The van has been used by a gardening company, for car boot sales and, for a limited time I would guess, as a builders van.

Bought a Mercedes Sprinter 208D van

Today I bought a Mercedes Sprinter 208D van. I bought it from a dealer in Plymouth and paid £1000 for it. Current market value is about £1500 – £3000. It needs a little tidying, a good wash and a couple of light bulbs. Even though it has done 180,000 miles it drives very well.

I intend on turning it into a surf van by adding a bed and a little kitchen.

Camper van conversion

I have wanted to own a camper van for some time. I would love to be able to use it for surfing trips in Cornwall and Devon. I would also love to have one to travel with. Europe is a tempting destination for me, and travelling around Europe with a camper van really appeals to me.

Most camper vans, such as VW’s, are expensive, un-economical and difficult to maintain.