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Heading back to Portugal soon

Having spent the summer at home, we’re back off to Portugal again soon.

The summer has passed so quickly. I have been so busy I had hardly noticed the summer come and go. And I’m not sure what I have spent my time doing. What an annoying situation.

The winter is also closing in, and I cannot stand the winter in the UK

Three 3G Dongle – use in and out of the campervan and motorhome

Tips for reception
Get the dongle outside, or as close to outside as possible. I got terrible reception in a house with thick walls. By getting a 5m cable, I put the dongle out of the open window, whilst sitting out my desk, for much better reception and no-freezing.


Back Home

We’re back home.

The first jobs done on the van were to clean it outside and inside.
I have several jobs to do whilst we are back, for about 6 weeks.

Looking forward to seeing some of the summer here.

Touring the north of England

We have just been touring in our trusty Norma around the Yorkshire coast area. There are a number of excellent campsites on the cliff top in Whitby. Found a good website too for touristy things to do.

Next week we are hoping to take Norma round to Norfolk. Any information around here would be appreciated.

Helicopters in Mimizan Plage

Whilst eating our lunch here at Mimizan Plage, France, we heard a helicopter getting closer.

I said to Abs it looked liked it was going to land, as I had seen a rough looking landing pad. And it did land. Not very well though.

Then it took off, disappeared, came back and landed again. We noticed it was a Police helicopter.

Dune de Pyla (or Dune de Pilat), Panorama Campsite

If you’re wondering where to stay when visiting Dune de Pyla, let me give you some advice: Yelloh – Panorama Camping campsite.

Dune de Pyla is a magnificent sight. Europe’s biggest sand dune. More than 100 meters high, 500 meters wide, 3kms long, and a fantastic thing to climb, and admire the views from.

However, choosing where to stay when in your motorhome or campervan is not so easy.

Aire vs Campsite

Last night we stayed at the great little campsite in Ascain, near St Jean de Luz, France. It cost €8.

Tonight we are staying at the motorhome aire in Biarritz. It costs €10. But you get a whole lot more for the €8 campsite. So why do people stay at aires instead of cheaper campsites?

Torremolinos in the sun

We head to the beach. To Torremolinos. A massive span of concrete apartments and bars. We’re heading there for the beach and for me to watch the F1 GP.

We head to were I had parked years ago. But things are busier today. We eventually park somewhere near the beach.

Lunch at Ikea

We’ve been to a few different Ikea stores on this trip. In fact today we visited our 3rd. We always find some interesting bits and bobs for the van. Little boxes, shelves, cushions, hooks, etc.

I’d noticed the €1 special: a hotdog and drink.

Today we visited the Malaga Ikea, bought some nice things, and tried the lunch.

Marbella, Andalucia, Spain

We try and drive into Marbella, but the parking is an enormous problem there. We park at a beach car park and decide to walk in, but we turn back after a while as it turns out to be a long way.

We try and park nearer to Marbella, but the parking is a nightmare. We give up and head back to Victors beach for the night.