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van for conversion

Hi all does anyone know if you can use a ldv convoy 17 seat minibus has a shell for a campervan conversion ive noticed that most are made from pannel vans
regards bryn

Hi A mini bus can make a


A mini bus can make a great campervan.
They have several advantages in that they are already lined and have lots of windows. The downside is that the windows are single-glazed and can leak a lot of heat.

Another consideration is the insurance. With the seats in (more than 8) the vehicles is a mini bus. Once you remove the seats the vehicle becomes a PLG (private light goods). If you have insured as a mini-bus, and then removed the seats, your insurance may be invalid. Check with your insurance company with what happens when the seats are removed.


Thanks Darren
I havent got it insured at the mo but it is already classed as plg has it was a private owned 1 that means no taco or speed limiter which is a bonus for me
Regards Bryn

OK. Sounds like you can go

OK. Sounds like you can go straight for LPG insurance.
As long as you are happy with all of the windows you should have a great base for a conversion.

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i have also just bought a minibus ldv convoy

do you know of any reasonable and cheap way to block up some of the windows. and will leaking be an issue in time do you think or are the rubber seals fairly good.

Perhaps the cheapest way is

Perhaps the cheapest way is to paint the inside of the window with black paint. Then fit plywood to the inside of the window, securing the wood on the frame around the window, rather than on the window.
This is really cheap and will allow you to expose the window again in the future, once you have scrapped off the paint.
You could also add a layer of foil insulation between the painted window and the plywood, to keep the sun out and warmth in.
Something like this

Painted windows which disguises the insulation and plyboard

Hi Darren, I'm currently thinking of buying a DVL minibus because of their low mileage and condition. I've just read your comment re painting the windows black but I'm concerned about security. I keep thinking that darkened windows might attract break-ins. Would this be a valid concern or am I just being paranoid? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Windows are a always a

Windows are a always a security risk, but break-ins are quite rare.
You'll have to way it up, and decide yourself. It wouldn't bother me very much.


Many thanks, Darren for prompt and reassuring answer.

LDV Convoy Minibus

Just a 'before and after' for you to have a look at.
I'm also new to all of this, but have really enjoyed having a go at it.

Looking good Gary, well done

Looking good Gary, well done

A miniibus makes a great camper van conversion


I converted a 15 seat Ford transit minibus last year and have had many trip in it. As already stated having factory fitted bonded windows is a plus (they don't leak !) but its also great to have properly fitted seats, from a safety point of view for my kids.

Anyway if you are interested some photos and video are here :



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