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Side window fitters in Suffolk/Norfolk/Essex?

I've been trying to find a company nearish to me who fit bonded side windows. Most of them on Ebay etc. tend to be up North.Does anybody know of a company towards East Anglia please?

Why not do it yourself its

Why not do it yourself its not difficult.


Although I have no qualms

Although I have no qualms about fitting the rest of the van out, It is the windows that I frankly do not want to get involved with and have put my budget to one side to ensure the job is done professionally.It's simply a "no no" for me.
I would rather drive to a specialist, leave it there for the day, go shopping, have lunch, and return to a real good job. (I just feel I'll eff it up and ruin it).
The rest of the van is very much going to be done by me....although as I work in an electrical wholesaler, I'm using one of the regular sparky customers to do my electrics professionally for me in exchange for beer vouchers.

Found a company in St Neots

Found a company in St Neots Cambs.....Seitz privacy windows both sides for £340 all in....Leave it there for 3 hours then collect.

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can you tell me the name of the company in st neots cambs that do seitz windows both sides for £340 all in many thanks

Yeah, www.uniquecampers.co.uk
bonded windows

Hi my bonded windows have been fitted by national windsceens price 175 per window .

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hi thanks for that

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Van window fitting

Found a great guy to fit my Sprinter side-window. He's based near Harwich,suffolk. 150 quid fitted. Really quick, 2 hours max. His name is Nigel on 07841 043605.
Hope it helps!

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Nissan campervan window replacement

I have recently taken the side windows out of the van and the rubbers were perished the body work had rusted quite badly I've done the bodywork but can't find any replacement rubbers was wondering if you could help please

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