Here are my tips to selling your camper van, to ensure you sell it quickly and get a good price.


  • Clean everything - inside and out.  People will be turned off otherwise.
  • Fix anything that is broken, or if you can't, highlight anything that is broken.
  • Get together as much documentation as you can find.  This shows that you have cared for the vehicle.
  • Top up the engine oil and water pots, as this shows you have maintained the vehicle.
  • Get together as clearly show any accessories and tools you are including in the sale.  It makes it look like you have more on offer.


  • Highlight anything that is broken or does not work well.  How would you feel if you were the buyer?

Where to advertise

  • In the window - Adverts in the window of the vehicle are one of the best ways to advertise it.  People can easily see they type of vehicle, and assume a piece of paper in the window means its for sale.  Always make the price really big writing, so that people can see it.  The words 'For Sale' only have to be tiny.  Always include as much information as possible, and your contact details.
  • If you are not using the vehicle park it at a supermarket or at a busy road junction, where lots of people will pass it, see it and stop to look.
  • Local paper - always a good choice.
  • eBay - and are great places to sell vehicle.  People often get caught up in bidding wars and pay more than they would normally.
  • In our forums - lots of people look there.

Let us know about your selling tips and experiences in the comments below.