Speed Limits

Did you know the speed limit for a van (between 2 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes) in the UK, on a single carriageway, is 50mph?

Most people don’t, and assume it is 60mph, thereby breaking the law every time they creep over 50mph.

For vehicles registered as goods vehicles (vans) in the UK, the speed limits are:

  • Single Carriageway: 50mph
  • Dual carriageway: 60mph
  • Motorways: 70mph

The speed restrictions above also apply to camper vans and motorhomes with an unladen weight of greater than 3050kg or more than 8 passenger seats.

Motor caravans (motorhomes or campervans) with an unladen weight of up to 3050kg (3.05 tonnes) and no more than 8 passenger seats are permitted to travel more quickly, at:

  • Single Carriageways: 60mph
  • Dual Carriageways: 70mph
  • Motorways: 70mph

Know the speed limits of your vehicle before you set off.  It could save you an expensive ticket from the Police.

Find out more from the Government website.

Posted by Darren

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  1. converting!
    Im looking at buying a panel van and converting it into a camper. how do you get the log book changed so the speed limits are the same as a car, how long does it take? and what aspects does the van need to have to define it as a campervan?
    any info will be great!!

  2. It depends on the weight of
    It depends on the weight of the vehicle.

    If the van weighs less than 3050kg it’s the same as a car.
    If the van weighs more than that the speed limtes are:
    50mph on a single road
    60mph on a dual carriageway
    70mph on a motorway.


  3. Speed of a Bedford CF
    Hi there,

    Can anyone tell me the maximum speeds on Motorways and Dual Carriageways for a 1974 Bedford CF?


  4. Campervan speed limits
    Converted panel van speed limits. what a grey area this is. have converted a Vauxhall vivaro van into campervan, have had log book changed on the 3rd attempt. refused 2 times would only change to van with window, 3rd attempt a year later abviously got someone different at DVLA and log book now says Mtorcaravan. phoned DVLA, Dept transport and even spoke to a local police officer about speed limits. alot of websites state motorcaravans not exceeding 3050kg can do 60 single 70 dual 70 motorway speed limits, no one in authortiy would give me a clear answer. both DVLA and police say as it looks like a van from the outside we should abide by van limits of 50/60/70. this looks to me to still be a grey area, you could still get a ticket which you would have to appeal.

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    thanks Littlelady

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