I recently got a copy of the fantastic book: my cool campervan

It's a fantastic collection of classic and vintage camper vans.  It's got the classic VW campers, of course, but also a great selection of vehicles from the Bedford CA, Commer, Dodge (which I actually saw recently), Citreon H, Amercian RVs and more.

Jane travelled over 3,500 miles to find the camper vans and their owners.  Each van has its own 2 or 3 page chapter, with stories and fantastic pictures.

Over 30 vans are included.  Some are used as daily drivers, others are used as full-time homes.

This is one of the best, if not the best, camper van book I have seen.  

Well done Jane and Chris.

my cool campervan
by: Jane Field-Lewis & Chris Haddon
Photography by Tina Hillier
ISBN: 9781862059054
Published by Pavilion

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