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My LDV Van

Ok,Here is the start of the conversion,Plenty of insulation "6 rolls in total" around the sides of the van.The roof was also done like this as will be shown in the later pictures.The panels were a bit of a bugger to get back on with all that insulation behind them.The third picture shows the framework starting to go up.

Cupboards and wiring were next along with more insulation.The cladding on the roof was a nightmare and had to be tacked and glued in to place.

The light in the picture is a 240 volt item with a rough surface 12 volt bulb in it and wired for 12 volts.6 Led battery lights are dotted around the van for back up.All wiring is fused by an illuminated marine 6 panel fuse box which lets you switch on or off appliances individually and also by inline fuses.

All 240 volt inlet power is protected by trip swithches.A 150 watt inverter powers the Tv,Playstation,Dvd player etc,whilst a bigger 1000 watt inverter takes care of bigger power tools.

This is fed by 2 85 amp hr batteries charged by the vans alternator through a relay and are sited under the seats in the front of the van.

A 2 burner hob with hotplate, matching sink and drainer takes care of the cooking and washing.Hot water is supplied via a kettle,A 25 litre fresh water container feeds the micro switched pump controlled by the tap and a waste 20 litre container will sit under the van.

The gas bottle is vented to the floor in its own cupboard and so are all the other units vented.A mushroom vent is shortly to be fixed to the roof.

The seat frames are split,so to lift them up you only have to lift the cushing and not remove them completely.This will be better explained in the pictures later.

Purchased a couple of stickers of ebay and it does make a difference to the van.

Also fitting a 3 way fridge had to move everything around to make it fit,just waiting for vent grilles to arrive now before making it a permanant fixture

Great stuff alsorts.

Great stuff alsorts.  Thanks for sharing the pics.  Its always good to have plenty of insulation.

Please keep us updated.

Who nicked my

Who nicked my pics..........:-(

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ldv camper

hi allsorts,

we are also convertng a ldv minbus into a camper, we are no experts by no means and are just muddling through. Your ldv conversion is the best ive seen. I concerned about us doing the gas bottle cuboard. I know some peep line them with steel, did you? and do you know if it legally has to as we are goin to get it reclassified as a motor caravan.Please e-mail me with any info or pics if possible

I don't think metal lining

I don't think metal lining the gas locker is necessary. The locker is supposed to allow any lost gas vapour to sink out throw a hole in the bottom of the locker. The metal doesn't really do much. Builders of professional motorhomes after just use wood.

As Darren has stated it isn't

As Darren has stated it isn't necessary. I did email you back by the way.


Sorry allsorts

Technical hitch. All back to normal now.

Cheers,be uploading a couple

Cheers,be uploading a couple more soon.Had a while off as the air suspension decided on packing up but fixed now.

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your project

I really liked what you have donw so far especially as i just bought a ldv 400 convoy minibus to convert so mmaybe we can swap notes as it were. What is the layout going to be?

it seems that the spam filter

it seems that the spam filter is stopping me posting any more pics.Once this is fixed I will upload some more pics.

In the mean time here is a link.



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12v pump and tap wiring help

Hi, embarassed to ask, but could anyone help out by letting me know how to wire up a 12v Comet "London" microswitched tap and reich "easy" submersible pump together? Both tap and pump have pos and neg wires, just really need to know how to wire up so that when tap is turned on, pump does what it should and pumps water to tap. Cheers in Advance, Ben

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Tap should have 2 wires,run a

Tap should have 2 wires,run a live to 1 wire and connect the other up to the live on the pump.Earth the pump turn the tap on and pump should work.

If not come back

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Champion, thanks for the

Champion, thanks for the heads up. I thought this would be the case, but wasn't sure if the earth was to vehicle or back to battery. Cheers again.

Lovely to see that LDV. I

Lovely to see that LDV.
I miss ours - even though it was a pain!
I've uploaded a pic of us after losing the brakes on the Saint Bernard Pass.
As you can see, we did make it into Italy in one piece ...

Nice looking van you had

Nice looking van you had there.Still seems to plenty around.


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LDV Boondockers in Scotland

Can someone oot there please communicate with me? Ive run my Splate Convoy minibus for 5 years now.. never seen another one let alone chat with any other like minded..We sleep eat and f*** in it as normal, but i would love to meet someone who'll talk vans with me! Its only done 40k and we love it.. It needs some tlc and it'll get it this spring.. but am i the only person in Edinburgh who boondocks?

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Hi Stevo

Not got the van yet, but planning my conversion in early spring for fulltiming in Scotland, in the Convoy - I love the way they look, friendly like :)

I'd love to know how they run? Online i hear lots of good reports (from other members of the SBMCC - self build motor caravan club, a great resource) theat it's an easily maintained nuts and bolts sorta vehicle. However the only opinion i've had in the flesh was highly damning of it, too noisy and poorly made?

Can't comment from experience, but i want a Convoy and i'm keen enough to chat about the pros and cons of them, and boondocking in general. Never done it before, pretty excited to go for it this year as I've wanted to do it for years now!

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