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Micro Camper Van - Peugeot Bipper

Just had a Bipper converted as we needed something we could drive on a daily basis as we couldn't justify a campervan sat on the drive most of the week.

Do a bit of walking on our days off so its really a day van or overnight camper for events etc, off to York next week for our first sleep in it.

We love it and its just what we wanted without the price of a Romahome and it sleeps 2 !!!

Very nice. What a lovely

Very nice.
What a lovely little conversion.
I hope you get to enjoy it lots.
I'm sure it'll be a great inspiration to others.

Thanks for that we weren't

Thanks for that we weren't sure how it would all work out but were more than happy with the end result. MPG is brilliant and we can take it or park it anywhere really. Fancy going abroad in it with the awning and roof box but haven' t ventured that far before.

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Perfect just what i want.. can i ask where you sourced the furniture and bits from.. or did you make them?

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It was all made specially for

It was all made specially for us by a Reimo Specialist close to us so it wasn't cheap to be honest but were pleased with the end result and hopefully we will get our monies worth over the years.

Been to Hawes and York recently in it and it was good fun :-)



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Micro Camper

Could I ask how much they charged you for the conversion?

I am really keen on getting one myself and just perfect for what I have in mind.


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Looking at this small van which is smaller than the expert i wouldnt have thought all that equipment would have fit in, and it looks so cosy, im Jealous i really am.

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Can you tell us the name of

Can you tell us the name of the company who converted your blipper, its awesome.

It seems

a great conversation to me, I may consider that one for my Renault Kangoo 09 plate with a sliding roof

I could not afford their conversation though

John :)

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Hi the company was Acorn

Hi the company was Acorn Leisure in Accrington, if you google them they have a website. I think it was a challenge for them but they enjoyed getting their heads round it I think !!!



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Great conversion, I have a Bipper and just wondering how you managed to get full length bed in? did you have a new passenger seat fitted?

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