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    Hi I know it's a few years ago now, but I have finally found a service manual that covers all models, apparently - I will update once I receive and go through it - it's an ebay buy, comes on a usb stick (search for "Mercedes Benz TN / T1 workshop service repair manual 1986 - 1995").
    I have a 1995 petrol 2.3 and it's been impossible to find anything anywhere else. Hope this helps!

    On the thirsty front, I'm still working out the mpg and it's not great, but I guess that's to be expected! Mine's done 246k (remember it's a petrol) and still a very strong engine. (past life it was an ambulance then volunteer fire truck) - so it's been looked after.

    On the other hand I'm still trying to find a high-roof roof-rack for it! Anyone got any ideas?! Cruz in Spain is the only place so far, other than getting one custom made.

    Got lots of bookmarks for all other parts though, message me if you need links!

    Mar 19, 2016
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    How did you get on Dave... I too have a 2.3 M115.972 petrol engine in my 1978 Hymer, I've owned it since Sept 2012, and done very little repairs to it until now, now with age the rubbers have become hard and brittle - I've replaced the Valve guide rubbers, I'm currently replacing the manifold gasket, I have replaced the rocker cover gasket, and will have to replace very soon both crankshaft seal gaskets as the gearbox end seal is leaking, I manage to average 20-28 MPG depending on the manner being driven, I have irridium spark plugs in the engine, with quality HT leads, the engine is serviced twice a yr, and valve clearances is a must working on the rule of 9 principle, I have also adjusted the Co% level to 1.0+-.25%, this has certainly helped, I'm doing the manifolds a small hairline crack has appeared in the exhaust which by far is not healthy for us or the van for mpg, I did purchase the gaskets through Ebay by a company in Birmingham UK called KMS, picked them up yesterday and they are correct.. Mercedes still have parts available for these engines by the way..

    May 12, 2016
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    any looking for Merc T1 panels and all other parts should try NiceDeals.co.uk

    I have used them many times for brand new and used parts and been happy with their service.

    Jun 07, 2015
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    Hi! I have a 1978 mod. Mercedes 407 D. The engine is a 2.4 litres diesel with 65 horsepower. The engine is i perfect condition, but it is WAY to weak.... So I will change the engine, but what should I put there in stead! What will fit in? Anybody!?

    Feb 16, 2014
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    Hi, I have just fitted a 2.9 litre 5 cylinder motor into our 1989 208d. The original engine was the 601 2.3 and this one is the 602. The engine connected straight to the gearbox, the clutches are both the same. My problems started with the engine coming from a car. Sump was the wrong shape, no second hand ones apparently available, £300 + Vat from Mercedes. New sump then required a new oil pump. Inlet manifold needs to be vertical rather than the horitzontal saloon version. No second hand ones about - only one left at Mercedes Germany - £254 + VAT. No need for the air con or power steering gubbinses, they hit the body anyway, bit of a bodge with the belt tensioner and order special short .956 flat belts. Throttle linkage had to be modified to work. Mercedes agents parts computer are not at all helpful in showing what goes where, bit like London underground map, stylized.
    Engine now running and the difference in driving compared to the old 4 banger kind of makes it all worthwhile. Driving it down to Italy next week.
    If the 2.3 engine will go straight in to a 2.4 vehicle then the 2.9 will also fit but get one from a van !

    Jul 14, 2014
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    Hi Brian.. I see it's been a while since you posted about the 602 2.9 replacing the 601 2.3 (I take it the 2.3 was a petrol version ie M115 engine?) if so how did the van feel to drive with the gearing? - I have a Merc T1 Hymer (1978) 601 with a 2.3 M115, I was also looking at the possibility of swapping the engine for the 2.9, but was told the drivetrain would have to be swapped to match the ratio's, as the petrol is different to the diesel. On that note, I know someone on Classic Hymers FB group had also fitted a 2.9 Musso Sansunyong thingy 4x4 engine into a hymer complete with a turbo etc as these were licensed and owned by merc but built in India so to speak..

    May 12, 2016
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    is anybody interested in buyinh a 1989 308d mwb van in need of restoration, would be open to offers

    Mar 07, 2013
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    Anonymous (not verified)

    I have a T1 based Hymer and I had similar ideas about the 5 speed merc box. A bit of digging about indicated that nothing is to be gained in cruising speed by swapping in a 5 speed box as the additonal gear is a crawler. I'm trying to understand the diff ratios as have heard mention of later axles giving better top speed.

    As for your steering woes, make sure your tyre pressures are correct and that your kingpins are greased (jack the front to get grease right into the pins)

    Oct 09, 2011
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    I am also looking for a workshop manual for a T1 208. Did you find a source?

    Aug 16, 2011
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    I couldn`t find a Haynes manual for either the T1 208 or 208D, and the only alternative is the Russeks manual, which is informative, but designed for the 208D. Haynes may have a manual for the 280 car which I`m told had the same engine in it, though unrestricted and upgraded, if you want engine specifics. I hope this helps.

    Oct 15, 2011
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    I have a 208 petrol devon poptop camper which needs a bit of work. Im looking for advice and a manual, as the Russek manual only covers Diesels. The good points are the engine, 2.3 with less than 80,000 on the clock, I am told they`re not run in until 100,000 miles and are pretty bulletproof, and the Devon interior, the seats fold to a double bed and the roof will sleep another two when lifted. The bad points are; the steering is stiff at slow speeds and Im told it needs balljoints to make it easier.The fan keeps cutting in as an aftermarket radiator has been fitted with its own fan, which apparently affects the cooling of the engines one, the solution to this Im told is to refit an original rad and hoses, which may be hard to come by- does anyone know of one or a new one that would fit for a reasonable price? The rear springs have sunk but still function and I could get them upgraded, however I have heard of inflatable spring assisters and I am wondering how good they might be. The poptop roof looks like someone had a party at a festival on it, it sags in the middle and one of the hinges has lifted up, Im concerned about how to tackle this as its brittle material- could it be pushed back and braced? Its also juicy on fuel and looks like I`ll need a mortgage to tour it at the moment, though if I solve the cooling problem that may be one step. Would the addition of a 5 speed gearbox help(if there is one to fit) and would alloy wheels slightly bigger than the wheels on now, help? I would appreciate any advice on these things.

    Apr 11, 2011

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