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Mercedes Benz James Cook 312D Westfalia - IMPEACHABLE > SOLD

About 3 years ago we've bought an extraordinary James Cook for the purpose of some investigation traveling around Europe. Once we've discovered this model we tireless searched till we've found it in UK - where we went to buy it.
Now that we've settled, we've decided that its time for someone else to benefit of this great vehicle.
We're in Portugal, near Lisbon.

Here's a quite long description.
You can check more photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ocook/tags/jamescook/show/

Any doubt, please contact.

• 2.900cc · Motor with 122CV, 312D - is the earlier version of current CDIs, providing greater reliability and possibility of providing any mechanical assistance
• 103,676 km

• 2 beds for 4 adults;
• Sunroof on the top bed (good to see the stars at night:)
• Side windows next to the headboard above (good to see the sunrise);
• Closet with several spaces for clothes storage;
• 1 bathroom with shower - hot water (up to 70°C in 20 minutes), sanitary chemist Thedford, sink, drying area, and several storage spaces;
• Kitchen with gas stove, sink for washing dishes with the possibility of using hot water, fridge, storage cupboards;
• deposit of 100lts to clean water, tank ~ 80lts for gray water;
• 2 80 Ah gel batteries;
• System for monitoring the battery charge and tank filling (clean + gray waters);
• Heating system by diesel (does not require the engine is running to operate) - achieves 20°C with freezing temperatures outside.

• Length 5.5 m width x 2m x Height 3.15 m.;
• Very easy to park and maneuver, allowing you to move in narrow streets of ancient cities ...

The changes and improvements which we introduced:

• Two solar panels - power 140Watts;
• Placing the fan / hood over the kitchen area of ​​low noise level;
• Replacement of faucets by manual mechanisms that allow greater water savings;
• Design and implementation of system control circuit of water to prevent freezing of water in the tubes, to be used in climates of negative temperatures;
• Cleaning and maintenance of the heating system;
• Thule bicycle rack for three bicycles;
• Gemini alarm, with volumetric sensor in the interior, under warranty by Mercedes.

• Replacement conduit for the flow of gray water (sinks and baths);
• Placing hoods to protect the upholstery, 100% cotton;
• Placing carpet inside - facilitates cleaning and increases the comfort in use;
• Curtain separating space and increased privacy.

• Total check-up (oil, filters, new brakes);
• Change of water and antifreeze from the radiator;
• Replacement of fuel injection tubes;
• Tailpipe new;
• Total paraffin of engine and bodywork.

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Mercedes James Cook

Very interested no mention of the price though?

Mercedes James Cook

Please send me an e-mail so that we can talk more detailed.

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Westfalia Mercedes Sprinter campervan

Hi There

Is the van still for sale? I'd love to ask a few questions and find out a little more.

Many thanks


Hi Stewart, Yes the James

Hi Stewart, Yes the James Cook is still available.
Please send me an email for more info or contact exchange.

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Hi could you tell me the year

Hi could you tell me the year of this camper van please and the price.

Many thanks
Kind regards

Hi Bex, I believe we've been

Hi Bex, I believe we've been exchanging e-mails, right?
Nonetheless, here it goes: the camper is from 1998.
Best regards,

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James cook

Is the vehicle still for sale - we have been searching to find such a van for ages?

James cook for sale

Hello Barbara,
The vehicle is still for sale. We know what you're talking about, we've searched this one for quite some time.
Please send me an e-mail for more specific contact exchange.
All the best

I have a 1995 James Cook that

I have a 1995 James Cook that I am planning to sell next year. Standard specification other than an uprated diaphragm water pump and tow package. It has higher milage 200,000 KMs but the price will reflect this.

Same as james cook but on vw crafter for sale

Hi there

my van is for sale. Its the same as James Cook but made on a VW platform. See details at www.westfaliacrafter.moonfruit.com


James Cook - SOLD

Thanks for the interest.
All the best *

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I´m interested

I am interested.
Where do I take the wheel? Left or right?
Do you have more photos of the internal and external?
Is it still for sale?
Do you speak spanish?
A greeting.

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My mail is ursusbret@hotmail.com

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