Camping in France, Spain and Portugal is easy. There are lots of campsites, which vary in cost and quality, but are generally cheap. It is also possible to camp for free in many areas.

Campsites in Europe

There are lots of campsites throughout Europe. On the coastal and popular inland areas of France, Spain and Portugal you can find at least one campsite in almost every little town or resort. Sometimes there are lots of campsites in an area, with most closing outside of the season, and one staying open all year round.

For one night, prices will range from €6 for a camper van and 2 people off season in Portugal, to €35 in France in season for the same camper van and 2 people. Prices vary greatly though, and campsites are still great value in summer throughout Europe.

Free camping in Europe

Free camping is possible and popular in most places in western Europe. In France, Spain and Portugal free camping is common. It is illegal to free camp in the Algarve region of Portugal, and almost impossible in Briton without the police moving you along. This is because it is less common in Briton and not accepted. As the French love to camp so much there are many proved rest areas for camper vans and motorhomes. These often have toilets, showers, and water facilities.