Insulating and lining your campervan is one of the most important steps to making it a comfortable environment to live and sleep.

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  • Wesley's picture

    I have just bought a Mercedes 206d Hanomag camper. I need advice on replacing or repairing roof guttering please? I will be very grateful for any advice.. Thanks

    Nov 25, 2010
  • Darren's picture


    Is it the roof guttering on the outside edge of the van roof?
    Is it rusting away?

    Nov 26, 2010
  • Anonymous's picture

    please say more! I just read the windows section, feeling all inspired now!

    Nov 12, 2011
  • jack's picture

    do you know of anywhere you can get templates to line inside of van including wheels for T4 VW and advice on how to glue carpet onto them. Also template for wall shaping when making cupboards to fit? and suggestions where proffesional converters get there materials to make cupboards, edging, catches etc

    thanks brilliant site

    Mar 19, 2012
  • Darren's picture

    Hi Jack

    I'm not sure where you can find templates.
    On this VW forum they talk about it, but no one seems to have the,

    once you get started it's fairly easy to shape the plywood to the shape you need. Messure a rectangle of the height and width, then cut out the features, such as the wheel arch, or the curve near the top at the rear. You can use cardboard to make small templates to draw around.

    If you van has old ply-lining in already you can draw around that.

    Make a template for the wall shape. Then you can reuse it. I made a little device which follows the contour of the van and draws it onto the wood. I'll attach a picture underneath. As the end follows the contour of the curve, the pencil draws the shape onto the wood. Works quite well. I made mine from grey plastic, but also made another from wood. It's the pointy end that's important.

    Quite a few suppliers of bits. - download their catalogue

    Mar 19, 2012
  • John's picture

    Magnum motorhomes at Grimsby They sell everything you need to do any conversion,it is where i got all my parts for my conversion

    Jun 03, 2013
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    hi all im thinking about converting a vario 7.5 ton van into a motorhome which will be fun ! But i need to tow a tralior that is rated at 3.5 ton. i have a normal drving licens which iv had for 30 years, would i be leagal. Sam

    Jul 01, 2012
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    Can anyone point me in the direction in where to find the legislation for gas fitting in campers ?

    Many thanks


    Oct 15, 2012


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