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Buying a Bedford CF

Hello everyone

I am about to purchase a 1985 Bedford CF, the type of camper I have recently fallen for!

After some initial checks it turns out the camper is registered as a 'panel van' on the V5. This might not be a problem , but the seller is convinced it is not a conversion. They claim that the configuration of the windows (sliding type) and that the glass has the reg stamped on, all adds up to it being coach built. They seems as confused about it as me.

The photos of the interior look like a convincing original camper.

Has anyone come across this sort of desirpaency before, are all Bedford campers registered as panel vans!?

I realise this might effect my insurance.

Much appreciated if anyone can shed some light...


Whether the vehicle was coach

Whether the vehicle was coach built or a conversion wont really affect your insurance.
Does the vehicle have a coachbuilders brand on it, such as Autosleeper, etc?
If not then it is likely a conversion. Even so you can still get it insured.

I would recommend using a broker such as www.campton.co.uk

I use them, even though I have a DIY conversion, that is still registered as a panel van.

Whether the vehicle was coach

Darren, thanks for the tip, I'll check out campton. I have a reasonable quote from adrian flux so far. Pretty excited about the bedford, so glad to hear that a conversion shouldn't matter anyway. I can't see any branding on it. Cheers

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