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Electric Hook Up

Hi everyone

Am new to camper vans - just bought an old T25 and planning to head off to France and around the UK in Spring/Summer.

I recently changed the leisure battery (the old one was dead) so now have 90AH to run a few little things like mini TVs and phone chargers and (intermittently) an electric coolbox.

The leisure battery charges itself when the van is moving and a switch on the dashboard is pressed on.

Whilst my leisure battery should be enough for most eventualities, particularly if the van is on the move each day, I can envisage times when I will be in the same place (campsite) for days at a time and electric hook up might be available.

The van has no electric hook up at present and I am wondering:-

1) What is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to hook up to campsite electrics (I don’t particularly want drill holes in the van and/or fit sockets on the walls etc and I don't mind the odd trailing wire or window open a crack etc)?

2) Is it possible and/or advisable to simply hook up my leisure battery to a charger, plug the charger into the mains supply, and then run the tv, coolbox, chargers etc off the leisure battery?

3) Do I need different hook up equipment in France to that of the UK – or do I just need a little adaptor?

Grateful for your advice – sorry these questions are probably very basic.