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DVLA Registration

Just to say that I have just successfully had my self build V5 changed to Motor Home from panel van . I used the guidance and headings from this website to organise the photos and info I sent off DVLA- so thanks for that

In the spirit of sharing experiences and info, I did manage to speak to someone at DVLA who was very friendly and helpful and said that in order to classify as Motor Home, they like to see evidence that it would be possible to live in the vehicle - otherwise it would be a Day Van

This means that in addition to the checklist supplied by Camper Van Life, you might want to consider a loo (portable OK) and also a separate sink to wash in (or shower if you're very flash)

Hi Lee1 Great to hear that

Hi Lee1

Great to hear that you got your vehicle re-registered.
Thanks for sharing your information. Always good to have more feedback.

Yes thanks for sharing that,

Yes thanks for sharing that, i must get mine done soon as its got all the necessary stuff.


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Hey people, why should you

Hey people, why should you tell dvla if your van is a campervan, do you get in trouble if you don't? Thanks

If your vehicle is registered

If your vehicle is registered as a Van, then it really should be a van. If it's actually a campervan inside and the police stop you, they are likely to be upset. More importantly if you insure the vehicle as a van, but it's really a campervan inside, your insurance company are going to be upset if you're in an accident. They will see the vehicle, and possibly not help you, and you could also get in trouble with the law.

You really should re-register vans to campervans if you have done a conversion.

Also different speed limits

Also different speed limits apply to certain types of vans and campervans.


Well for me living on an

Well for me living on an island it is beneficial.

If you want to take a van on the ferry it costs aprox £400.00, if you make your van into a camper (seats and windows) then it goes on car rates which is about £150.00.

Also my insurance went down a huge amount from a van to a camper.

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Hi guys! How do i register my

Hi guys!

How do i register my campervan. It was a panel van but converted it. Where do i go to do that? It took me a while to convert it but how long do you think it would take if i really tried. Im trying to set a date for the next one but need a realistic date in mind.

To register your camper van

To register your camper van you need to contact the DVLA, assuming you live in the UK.
See this page for all of the information:

The amount of time it takes depends on how much work you have done and your skill level. Some people have worked on the vans full-time and got it done in 1 month, but that's very rare. Working on it steadily you could do it in 3 months. If working on it part time then about 6 months. If very occasionally probably 12 months.

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